Health Business Idea: Tour Guide


Experience for Tour Guide business:

You should have well knowledge on travel locations and their history where you will be a tour guide. You should be Passionate interest in geography, strong domestic and international travel knowledge.

Skill required for Tour Guide business:

Travel Management, Negotiation, and Communication, Excellent command in spoken English, Ability to multitask and quickly interpret complex information. Ability to build strong relationships with clients, Negotiation, Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Personal Presentation Skills, Verbal Communication, Effective Speaking, Active Listening, Reflecting, Innovation Skills, Risk Management, Decision Making, Managing the Event.

Investment required for Tour Guide business:

You have to invest a good amount to make your center long run.

Planning and Strategy required for Tour Guide business:

  • You will be the self-employer to start a Tour guide.

  • The key to success in becoming a personal tour guide is to promote your service aggressively, build relations with companies and individuals that can support you succeed, and to provide clients with the best time of their vacation.

  • Being flexible and proactive. Having good presentation skills. Being enthusiastic and friendly. Having good verbal communication skills. Being able to interact with people from different backgrounds. Having multiple language skills.

  • Being able to work with a team. Having time management skills. Being able to retain historical facts.

  • Your primary responsibility is to make sure the tour is as safe as possible for the entire group.

  • You will monitor the group's activities to ensure everyone complies with the site's or guide's safety regulations. In some cases, you may have to provide first-aid or emergency services to visitors.

  • You will research thoroughly prior to giving the tour and be prepared and organized for each step of the process, from greeting visitors upon arrival to arranging transportation between locations.

Location required for Tour Guide business:

Location is not constraint. Your tour guide city is your location.

Infrastructure required for Tour Guide business:

Not required.

Cost / Return on investment required for Tour Guide business:

You can earn good money as commission from Hotel, Carrier, and as well for the service charge like visa process, Hotel booking etc…

Marketing / Selling required for Tour Guide business:

  • Your clients can be individuals or businesses.

  • You should interact with travel agency, Hotel, Corporates to become as Tour guide.

Challenge n Risk required for Tour Guide business:

Challenge is here how you motivate to the customers.