Health Business Idea: Aerobic Center


Experience for Aerobic Center business:

It is not needed that you should be an aerobic center instructor, but you should have knowledge to set up an aerobic center.

Skill required for Aerobic Center business:

Business Management, Advertisement, Facilities to the aerobic center, Negotiation, Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Personal Presentation Skills, Verbal Communication, Effective Speaking, Active Listening, Reflecting, Innovation Skills, Risk Management, Decision Making, Managing the Event

Investment required for Aerobic Center business:

You have to invest a good amount to make your center long run.

Planning and Strategy required for Aerobic Center business:

  • You will be the self-employer to start an Aerobic center business.

  • You can take a rent house or lease to set up the aerobic center. And can appoint quite good instructor for your aerobic center.

  • Additional income can be earned by locating a refreshment booth in the aerobics center, as well as selling related products such as sportswear, books and videos on aerobics training topics.

  • You can keep the machines like weight training machines, free weights, rowers, elliptical, treadmills, recumbent bicycles and stair climbers are available as well as fitness balls and tubing etc…

Location required for Aerobic Center business:

Your aerobic center location should be in a good locality

Infrastructure required for Aerobic Center business:

You should have a good infrastructure with all equipped machines.

Cost / Return on investment required for Aerobic Center business:

Return of Investment will be good if your equipment is good, the instructor should be very cooperative and as well based on your marketing skill.

Marketing / Selling required for Aerobic Center business:

  • Your clients can be individuals or businesses. Get yourself the business by placing ads and classified advertisements in your local Yellow Pages and newspapers, networking with professional and small-business organizations in your area.

  • Direct-mail your brochures to local businesses or to individuals who have just moved to your area.

Challenge n Risk required for Aerobic Center business:

Not much challenge.