Artist Consultant


Experience for Artist Consultant business:

It is nice but not mandatory, if you have already experience in advertising sector. Or it will be nice you have worked ever as relationship manager etc… But at least you should have good negotiation skill.

Skill required for Artist Consultant business:

Negotiation, Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Personal Presentation Skills, Verbal Communication, Effective Speaking, Active Listening, Reflecting, Innovation Skills, Risk Management, Decision Making, Managing the Event

Investment required for Artist Consultant business:

Not much like 1000$ - 5000$

Planning and Strategy required for Artist Consultant business:

  • You will be the employer to start a business for the Artist Consultant service.

  • In the current environment, people are more interested toward the art for the great home decoration. As well artists are focusing their work.

  • So you will be medium between the artist and the customer

Location required for Artist Consultant business:

No constraint, you can work from home with a flexible time. You can open a small office or a small website which will contain the various arts.

Infrastructure required for Artist Consultant business:

If you will open an office, then keep a small number art for the display purposes. If you have website, then categorized according to the art.

Cost / Return on investment required for Artist Consultant business:

  • You can get good commission or percentage of the total amount for each sell

Marketing / Selling required for Artist Consultant business:

  • Generally in Artist Consultant business, your customer is your advertiser. You can get the leads from your existing customer. You can provide some idea to the artist to distinguish the art as an essential worth owning, and most importantly, how to keep people buying. You have to present and Organize your art in an effective way to improve your sell

Challenge n Risk required for Artist Consultant business:

  • There is not much challenge or risk, but only how much customer you will get and how much percentage you will get based on your marketing, communication and social network skill. Pros & Cons of Micromanaging Your Online Profile How to Get Shows in Major World Art Centers What to Do When People Criticize Your Art How to Introduce Galleries, Collectors, Others to Your Art Artist/Gallery/Dealer Contracts, Agreements, Relationships Advantages to Making Art in Series vs One-by-One