Health Business Idea: Health Fair


Experience for Health Fair business:

In recent years, people are more concern about their health, fitness etc... Health fair brings people together to learn about safety, health and an active lifestyle. You will be the person who will plan, arrange, and execute the event successfully.

Skill required for Health Fair business:

Fitness, Health, Business Plan, Marketing and Sales

Investment required for Health Fair business:

You have to invest an amount to set up the Health Fair.

Role and Responsibility required for Health Fair business:

  • You will be the self-employer to organize the health fair event.

  • You can have a variety of activities for people of all ages, so that you're able to get your message across, while everyone still has a good time. Identify the best ways to reach the target audience.

  • You can provide optional entertainment like game, prizes etc. which can help your mission.

  • You can encourage local businesses to serve as quality sponsors to help you pay for some of the fair. Choose sponsors from local health-care fields such as family practices, dentists and chiropractors.

  • Prepare a list of representative from different groups like health professionals: physicians, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, optometrists, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants; health agencies: hospitals, home health agencies, clinics, nursing homes, retirement centres, emergency medical services; schools; churches etc.

Location required for Health Fair business:

You can set up your health fair in a visible location having good access and parking.

Infrastructure required for Health Fair business:

You should have a good infrastructure with all equipped rentals of equipment, tables, chairs, audio visual, etc.; decorations; refreshments and lunches for participants, volunteers, and people in booths; permits and insurance requirements; printing; mailing, including promotional and follow up; and screening costs.

Cost / Return on investment required for Health Fair business:

You can earn a nice amount and goodwill based on your service.

Marketing / Selling required for Health Fair business:

Your sponsors can be individuals or businesses. Get yourself the business by placing ads and classified advertisements in your local Yellow Pages and newspapers, networking with professional and small-business organizations in your area.

Challenge n Risk required for Health Fair business:

How much you can gather to make your mission fulfill.