Experience for Bakery business:

It is nice but not mandatory, if you have already experience in advertising sector. Or it will be nice you have worked ever as relationship manager etc… But at least you should have good negotiation skill.

Skill required for Bakery business:

Negotiation, Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Reflecting, Innovation Skills, and Risk Management.

Investment required for Bakery business:

Not much like 1000$ - 5000$

Planning and Strategy required for Bakery business:

  • Bakery business is the growing industry in the world. A quality product will definitely entered into market.

  • You have find out the building space. If you are taking the building space with more cost then you have to the feasibility study for the flexibility of expansion.

  • Find out the equipment needed and the cost of them as well the cost of installation.

  • You can work out the fixed cost like equipment, building etc… and also variable cost like labor cost, transportation cost etc…

  • You can focus for the packaging as well advertising cost.

  • Finally, estimate all overhead costs and sources of income to help determine your required financing.

  • Yes. It is a good business for the long run.

Location required for Bakery business:

No constraint, you can work from home with a flexible time.

Infrastructure required for Bakery business:

Cost / Return on investment required for Bakery business:

Marketing / Selling required for Bakery business:

Challenge n Risk required for Bakery business: