Dessert Shop


Experience for Dessert Shop business:

It is nice but not mandatory, if you have already experience in advertising sector. Or it will be nice you have worked ever as relationship manager etc… But at least you should have good negotiation skill.

Skill required for Dessert Shop business:

Negotiation, Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Personal Presentation Skills, Verbal Communication, Effective Speaking, Active Listening, Reflecting, Innovation Skills, Risk Management, Decision Making, Managing the Event

Investment required for Dessert Shop business:

Not much like 1000$ - 5000$

Planning and Strategy required for Dessert Shop business:

  • You will liaise with the clients to get the advertisement.

  • You will be the employer to start a business for the Dessert shop.

  • Dessert only restaurants are very popular in various places. You must hear that the particular sweet is very good in that particular shop.

  • Sometime a unique sweet innovation will lead your sell which you cannot imagine.

Location required for Dessert Shop business:

No constraint, you can work from home with a flexible time. You have to find out a better location. The shop location should be near to the crowd area. Inside the mall also is not a bad idea. If you will find a place not in the main road but in the side lane, that is also good, once you popular.

Infrastructure required for Dessert Shop business:

You have to analyze how much quantity of sweet per day you are going to sell in your first year. Accordingly you can purchase your equipment. Generally people may purchase big or small utensils or instruments without much analysis, then they have to purchase again.

Cost / Return on investment required for Dessert Shop business:

  • You have to note down the running ingredients to smooth run your business. You can analyze with your competitors that how and what way they are doing the business. Find out some unique indication why they are famous. You prepare a running cost and prepare a menu. Your plan should be very much clear. If your price is high, then there should be justification why? Even it is less also then also there is some justification.

Marketing / Selling required for Dessert Shop business:

  • Generally in dessert shop business, your customer is your advertiser. Besides that you have to market yourself in some unique way, daily discount on a particular product, or some deal, advertisement etc… Your unique innovation is one of the major marketing. People will come to your shop only for that. Even some cases people travel from other city only for your unique product. During the festival, you should not very greedy, but focus on customer satisfaction and retain the customer. If some of your item is very popular, then you can package it under your business name and sold on a wholesale basis to the grocery stores and specialty food retailers throughout the community.

Challenge n Risk required for Dessert Shop business:

  • Here is the only challenge is quality and hygienic. You have to concentrate on the quality of ingredient also, Due to that your product may be less quality. You should limit on the waste of your dessert if not able to sold within the time limit.