Health Business Idea: Franchise Specialist


Experience for Franchise Specialist business:

It is nice but not mandatory, if you have already experience in advertising sector. Or it will be nice you have worked ever as relationship manager etc… But at least you should have good negotiation skill.

Skill required for Franchise Specialist business:

Negotiation, Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Personal Presentation Skills, Verbal Communication, Effective Speaking, Active Listening, Reflecting, Innovation Skills, Risk Management, Decision Making, Managing the Event

Investment required for Franchise Specialist business:

Not much like 1000$ - 5000$

Planning and Strategy required for Franchise Specialist business:

  • You will be the employer to start a business of Franchise specialist.

  • In the franchise business, you should be Law certified or you should make a partner or joint venture or hire a lawyer.

  • Sometime a person decided to do a franchise business, but he might not be aware of the all the document, legal or risk process, so you are the person who help him to his end to end process.

  • Sometime an existing organization will go for franchise, they might need franchise specialist, so your job is to help them out. Sometime organization is ready to provide a part share in stead of money, so you should aware of all those conditions.

Location required for Franchise Specialist business:

Location is not constraint. It is better you should have a small office.

Infrastructure required for Franchise Specialist business:

Small office with basic facility like table, chair, cupboard, water facility, Telephone, Training manual, Computer, Printer, Fax, Existing and New client detail etc…

Cost / Return on investment required for Franchise Specialist business:

  • • Aa a franchise specialist you can earn a good amount with an end to end assignment. You can work with multiple clients parallel.

Marketing / Selling required for Franchise Specialist business:

  • Your unique exceptional Licensing consulting skill is the market for yourself.

  • You have to create a Website to advertise your skill, domain, practice, process etc…

Challenge n Risk required for Franchise Specialist business:

  • Challenge is always here. As most of the business having some constraints like government regulation, Organization constraint, Legal procedure, so may be your previous approach will not fit for their requirement.