Cloud Computing Virtualization


What is Virtualization in cloud computing?
Virtualization is the network infrastructural process in which diversified networks will consolidate into single virtual entry.
IT resources can be scaled up and down virtually to provision on-demand services without the addition of new physical devices or entities through server virtualization.
Virtualization is a process where multiple operating system and applications run on a single computer.
Virtualization is a process which Consolidate hardware to get vastly higher productivity from fewer servers.

What are the various types of virtualization in cloud computing?
Hardware virtualization
Operating System virtualization
Database virtualization

What are the various types of hardware virtualization in cloud computing?
Full virtualization
Emulation System virtualization
Para virtualization

What is Operating System virtualization?
Operating system virtualization (OS virtualization) is a server virtualization technology that involves tailoring a standard operating system so that it can run different applications handled by multiple users on a single computer at a time.