Cloud Computing - Public Cloud Model


What are the components involve in Infrastructure in cloud computing?
The components involve in Infrastructure in cloud computing are:
o Servers (both physical and virtual)
o Storage systems by means of NAS and SAN
o Network segmentation using different network blocks and VLANs
o Communication network (including routers, switches, firewalls, load balancer, etc.)
o High Speed Internet connectivity
o Platform virtualization environment
o Service-level agreements
o Utility computing billing
o Security by means of hardware or VM based firewall and intrusion detection & prevention system
o Hardware load balancer
o DNS, DHCP and other management and support services
o Power, cooling and disaster recovery system

Physical and Virtual Server
o Virtualization is the network infrastructural process in which diversified networks will consolidate into single virtual entry. Virtual server is the server which implements virtualization process.

NAS is defined as Network attached Storage and SAN is defined as Storage Area Network.
NAS is computer storage device.
NAS is file based storage.
NAS provides both storage and a file system.
Storage Area Networks are a separate computer network typically based on a fabric of fiber channel switches and hubs, connecting storage subsystems to a heterogeneous set of servers on an any-server-to-any-server basis.