Private Cloud Model


What do you mean by Private Cloud?
Private cloud is defined as local cloud or enterprise cloud.
The organization keeps own infrastructure for its own application is treated as private cloud.
Private cloud cannot be used for the public consumption.
Private clouds are established and sustained primarily for retaining control and ensuring security, and for deep and real-time visibility.

Who are the Private cloud providers?

What are the advantages of the Private Cloud Model?
This model is much secured as it resides on its own environment.
As the model is not allowed to general public, so it keeps its privacy of data within its own network.
Private cloud clutches more control than any other as it holds its own infrastructure.

What are the disadvantages of the Private Cloud Model?
Private cloud model is restrictive toward the location as it is difficult to deploy globally.
As the whole infrastructure will be on its own, so cost is more than the public cloud.
Private cloud can be scaled within its own infra model.