Platform as a Service


What do you mean by Platform as a Service?
Platform as a Service model is the most fascinating among all the hosted services in cloud computing.
Platform as a Service system is a cloud computing system in which provides a toolkit to work with, the virtual machine on which the software will run. And it is up to you to design the software and its user-facing interface in a way that is appropriate to your needs.
Platform as a Service systems range from developed developer platforms like Windows Azure Platform to systems like Drupal, Square space, Wolf, and others where the tools are modules that are very healthy developed and require almost zero coding.
Many Content Management Systems (CMS) are essentially PaaS services where you get standard parts and can build Web sites

What are the services provided by Platform as a Service?
PaaS provides the usable programs on which the developers will use those programs with a supportive language. And the program will write the code for it.
PaaS systems are generally set up to allow multiple developers to work on the same projects.
PaaS environments are generally provides tools are for accessing and using data in a data store.
PaaS environments are generally provides tools are measuring your applications and optimizing their performance.
Data can be stored in either the PaaS vendor's service or accessed from a third-party storage service.

PaaS system characteristics
Multi-tenant architecture support, security, and scalability
Performance monitoring, testing, and optimization tools
Different of data management from the user interface
An integrated development environment (IDE)
Life cycle management tools

How to develop the application through PaaS?
Various applications like composite business applications, data portals, Mashups can be developed through PaaS system.
A mashup is a Web page that displays data from two or more data sources.

What is the PaaS framework?
PaaS IDEs provides a tool that requires a dedicated programming staff to create and run a graphical interfaces that any knowledgeable computer user can navigate and create something useful with.
The Drupal CMS was chosen as an example of this type of PaaS because it is so extensively used and has broad industry impact, and it is a full-strength developer tool.
Whereas Drupal is used in major Web sites and organizes vast amounts of information, the site was chosen to illustrate a point-and-click CMS system aimed at supporting individuals, small businesses, and other small organizations.
Squarespace is often associated with blogging tools (as is Drupal), but it is more than that. Squarespace works with photos, imports information from other social tools, and allows very attractive Web sites to be created by average users.

What are the PaaS related applications?
 Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.
 LongJump ( is a Sunnyvale, California, company hosting service created in 2003 with a PaaS application development suite. Its development environment is based on Java and uses REST/SOAP APIs.
 Squarespace is a blogging tool, social media integration tool, photo gallery, A form builder and data collector