Public Cloud Model


What do you mean by Public Cloud?
Public cloud model is one of the cloud computing models, in which the customer can access the application, storage, infrastructure etc. from the service provider over the internet.
This is the advanced version of the huge data center and server farm.
A public cloud is an enormous server infrastructure (consolidated, centralized, virtualized, and automated) for remotely providing compute, storage, and other specialized infrastructures and instruments to global users over the Internet communication infrastructure.

Who are the public cloud providers?
Some of the public cloud providers are
Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure
Google App Engine

What are the advantages of the Public Cloud Model?
As the cloud resource is used by number of people, it will be very economic.
Public cloud is a large yet shared environment for simultaneously meeting the various IT needs of many organizations.
This is the best cost reduction model for Providers as well as consumers.
Cloud consumer will not concentrate on invest in the infrastructure, security etc. as these things will be taken care by the provider.

What are the disadvantages of the Public Cloud Model?
As the data is over the internet, Consumer should understand the security level provided by the vendor.
Consumer should understand backup and resilience process of the server provided by the vendor.
The planned and unplanned outage communication should be very clear.
Consumer should understand the disaster and recovery management system by the vendor.