Cloud Computing Technology


What are the various technologies are used in the Cloud Computing?
The various technologies are used in the cloud computing:
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Grid Computing
Utility Computing

What is Virtualization in cloud computing?
Virtualization is the network infrastructural process in which diversified networks will consolidate into single virtual entry.
IT resources can be scaled up and down virtually to provision on-demand services without the addition of new physical devices or entities through server virtualization.
Virtualization is a process where multiple operating system and applications run on a single computer.
Virtualization is a process which Consolidate hardware to get vastly higher productivity from fewer servers.

What is Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)?
Service oriented architecture is a process which supports communication between services.
SOA defines between two computing entities, such as programs, interact in such a way as to enable one entity to perform a unit of work on behalf of another entity.
Services will use a language which is called as descriptive language for interacting with one another.
Mostly services using the descriptive language to communicate each other with the help of one protocol which is called as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

What is Grid Computing?
Grid computing is the collection of computer resources from multiple locations to achieve a common goal.
Grid computing enables the sharing of distributed computing and data resources such as processing, networking and storage capacity to create a cohesive resource environment for executing distributed applications in service-oriented computing.

What is Utility Computing?
Utility computing is a service provisioning model in which a service provider makes computing resources and infrastructure management available to the customer as needed, and charges them for specific usage rather than a flat rate.