PMP: Stakeholder Management : Identify Stakeholders Input


Identify Stakeholders Input

List of Identify Stakeholders Input

  • Project charter

  • Procurement documents

  • Enterprise environmental factors

  • Organizational process assets

Why Enterprise Environmental Factors is treated as input to identify the stakeholder?

Enterprise Environmental Factors provides the Organizational culture and structure, Governmental or industry standards and Global, regional or local trends, and practices or habits which will help to identify the stakeholder.

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Integration Management

Project integration management is the heart of project management and is made up of the day-to-day processes the project manager relies on to ensure that all of the parts of the project work together.
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Scope Management

Scope management process as develop a plan for how plan,manage, and control scope and requirements on the project.
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Integration Management

Scope management process as develop a plan for how plan,manage, and control scope and requirements on the project.
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Cost Management

Time management process will describe the plan schedule management, Define and Sequence the activities and estimate the resource and duration and develope and control the schedule.
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Quality Management

Quality management will describe planning the quality management, perform quality assurance and control the quality.
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Human Resource Management

Human resource management will engage towards the Planning and acquire, develop and manage the project team.
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Communication Management

Communication management will plan the communications to all the stakeholders.Customize the standarad communication practice within the organization.And make plan how to confirm communication is actually recieved and understood.
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Risk Management

Risk management will help to increase the probablility and impact of oppertunities on the project, while decreasing the probability and impact of threats to the project.
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Procurement Management

Procurement management will include the procurement management plan, procurement SOW, procurement documents, change requests etc.
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Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management will include identify stakeholders and plan,manage,control the Stakeholder engagement.
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