PMP: Stakeholder Management : Control Stakeholder Engagement Tools n Technique


Control Stakeholder Engagement Tools n Techniques

List of Control Stakeholder Engagement Tools n Techniques

  • Information management systems

  • Expert judgment

  • Meetings

What is Information Management Systems?

An information management system provides a standard tool for the project manager to capture, store, and distribute information to stakeholders about the project cost, schedule progress, and performance.

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One of the tools you'll have to use as a project manager in the stakeholder management knowledge area is management skill. Management skills help you organize stakeholder concerns and keep the project moving forward. All of the following are examples of management skills except for which one?

  • a) Presenting project information

  • b) Negotiating with stakeholders

  • c) Public speaking

  • d) Analyzing work performance information

Answer: Organizational process assets updates