PMP: Stakeholder Management : Control Stakeholder Engagement Input


Control Stakeholder Engagement Input

list of Control Stakeholder Engagement Input

  • Project management plan

  • Issue log

  • Work performance data

  • Project documents

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Ranty is the project manager of the GHQ Project for his company, and he's recently discovered a scheduling conflict with two of the vendors on the project. Sam knows that the conflict will likely cause a two-week delay in the completion of the project. What should Sam do?

  • a) Report the problem to management.

  • b) Report the problem to the stakeholders.

  • c) Say nothing unless the delay becomes greater than two weeks.

  • d) Propose a solution to management.

Answer: Propose a solution to management.

Problems will happen throughout a project, but the project manager should always present the bad news to the appropriate stakeholders and be prepared with a possible solution.