PMP: Scope Management : Collect Requirement Input


What are the inputs of Collect Requirements in project scope management?

The inputs of Collect Requirements in project scope management

  • Scope Management Plan

  • Requirements Management Plan

  • Stakeholder Management Plan

  • Project Charter

  • Stakeholder Register

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What is the difference between Scope management plan and Requirement management plan?

The kind of requirements requisite to be collected for the project is called Scope management plan

And the processes that will be used throughout the Collect Requirements process to define and document the stakeholder needs is called Requirement management plan.

What is the difference between Stakeholder management plan and Stakeholder register?

The stakeholder management plan is used to understand stakeholder communication requirements and the level of stakeholder engagement in order to assess and adapt to the level of stakeholder participation in requirements activities.

The stakeholder register is used to identify stakeholders who can provide information on the requirements. The stakeholder register also captures major requirements and main expectations stakeholders may have for the project.

Question: hat is the FIRST step to take as you begin planning?
A. Identify the risks.
B. Plan the scope.
C. Establish a resource plan.
D. Complete a cost and schedule estimate.
Answer: 2
Answer explanation:
Scope Management

Question: Effective stakeholder management includes all of the following project elements EXCEPT:
A. Clear requirements definition.
B. Scope change control.
C. Timely status information.
D. Frequent cost reports.
Answer: 4
Answer explanation:
Scope Management