Reading Comprehension 6
Question No: 1
"Read the passage. Then answer the questions below.Marcia says that all of her friends have a cell phone, but Marcias mom doesn't want to buy her one. Marcia's mom doesn't want Marcia to play video games either. What is more, the Internet scares her. Marcia's mom says, If Marcia has a cell phone, how do we know whom she is talking to? Video games are bad for you. The Internet is dangerous and uncontrolled. Its like having a gun in the house. We should just ban her from using the computer, and I'm not buying her a cell phone until she is eighteen. This is the only way we can be sure that Marcia is safe."""Marcias dad disagrees with Marcia's mom. Although he agrees that there are some dangers to it, he likes the Internet, and finds it to be very useful. The trouble is,? he says, We just cant stop Marcia from using the Internet, as this would put her at a disadvantage. What is more, I like video games. I think that, when played in moderation, they are fun. Obviously, it is not good to play them without restraint or self-control. Finally, I think Marcia needs a cell phone. We cant take these things away.?Question: Which of the following best describes the difference between Marcia's mom and Marcia's dad?"