Reading Comprehension 6
Question No: 1
"Read the passage. Then answer the questions below.There are many kinds of boats.One kind of boat is called a sailboat. A sailboat uses the wind to move. Wind makes a sailboat move in the water. The wind pushes the sailboat. Wind fills the sails. The sailboat moves when the wind blows.One kind of boat is called a motorboat. A motorboat uses a motor to move. The motor gives power to the boat. The motorboat moves when the motor is running. The motorboat makes a loud noise.One kind of boat is called a rowboat. A rowboat needs people to move it. People make a rowboat move in the water. People use oars to move a rowboat. Oars are long and flat. Oars go into the water. A rowboat moves when people use the oars.As you can see, there are many kinds of boats.Question: Which boat uses the wind to move?"