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Option 1: together and joined as one
Option 2: in bad taste and ugly
Option 3: difficult and challenging
Option 4: separate and divided
Option 5:


Option 1: to confuse someone
Option 2: to buy something
Option 3: to take illegally
Option 4: to have an effect
Option 5:


Option 1: very tired
Option 2: very exciting
Option 3: very quiet
Option 4: very cold
Option 5:


Option 1: someone who performs in plays
Option 2: someone who tells a story
Option 3: someone who teaches students
Option 4: someone who plays an instrument
Option 5:


Option 1: to stop temporarily
Option 2: to doubt something
Option 3: to make better
Option 4: to challenge an authority
Option 5:


Option 1: very bright or colorful
Option 2: very beautiful or attractive
Option 3: very unusual or strange
Option 4: very scared or afraid
Option 5:


Option 1: to save money
Option 2: to laugh at someone
Option 3: to come closer
Option 4: to divide equally
Option 5:


Option 1: plain
Option 2: responsible
Option 3: modern
Option 4: often
Option 5:


Option 1: to walk slowly or unhurriedly
Option 2: to cry loudly or desperately
Option 3: to hurt badly or deeply
Option 4: to say quietly or unclearly
Option 5:


Option 1: to take out or to remove
Option 2: to shrink or to make smaller
Option 3: to exchange or to trade
Option 4: to create or to build
Option 5:

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