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Which method allows for loops or conditional branches?

Option 1: PERT
Option 2: PDM
Option 3: GERT
Option 4: ADM
Option 5: CDM

Under what circumstances is it better for a contractor to subcontract?

Option 1: The subcontractor possesses special technical and engineering skills that the contractor does not have.
Option 2: The work to be subcontracted represents almost all of the overall work effort.
Option 3: The subcontractor can perform the work at a lower cost than the contractor.
Option 4: all the above
Option 5: a and c

Which is a process used in Procurement Management to document product requirements and identify potential sources?

Option 1: Solicitation planning
Option 2: Procurement planning
Option 3: Source selection
Option 4: Contract administration
Option 5: Contract closeout

Which of the following are examples of indirect costs?

Option 1: Salaries of corporate executives
Option 2: Salaries of full-time project staff
Option 3: Overhead costs
Option 4: a and b
Option 5: a and c

Which is a tool or technique used in the schedule development process to calculate theoretical early and late start and finish dates for all project activities?

Option 1: Resource pool description
Option 2: Mathematical analysis
Option 3: Duration compression
Option 4: Activity duration estimates
Option 5: Analogous estimating

What is the BEST technique to ensure proper contract closure?

Option 1: Contract documentation
Option 2: Procurement audits
Option 3: Scope change control
Option 4: Formal acceptance
Option 5:

What does estimate at complete mean?

Option 1: Each anticipated cost for project
Option 2: Estimated average cost at project completion
Option 3: Anticipated total cost at project completion
Option 4: Anticipated expenses at project completion
Option 5:

Under what circumstances does contract close-out not involve product verification?

Option 1: When contract does not contain verification clause
Option 2: When stakeholder signs a product acceptance document
Option 3: When there is a material breech
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5:

Which is a process included in Project Risk Management:

Option 1: Risk identification
Option 2: Qualitative risk analysis
Option 3: Risk response planning
Option 4: Risk monitoring and response control
Option 5: All of the above

What are you likely to see as a project progresses in a schedule with must fix dates and little or no slack?

Option 1: Lots of free float
Option 2: Idle resources
Option 3: Negative float
Option 4: Positive float
Option 5:

What do project planning documents help to establish?

Option 1: Project charter
Option 2: Framework for performance measurement
Option 3: Project budget
Option 4: Personnel pay scale
Option 5:

When the project team directs staff assignments, what is not considered in the selection of a staff

Option 1: Previous experience
Option 2: Staff age
Option 3: Availability
Option 4: Personal interest
Option 5: Personal characteristics

When is the earliest time administrative closure should be completed?

Option 1: At the end of each project phase
Option 2: At the end of the project
Option 3: Whenever a deliverable is complete
Option 4: Whenever a new project manager takes over a project
Option 5:

Which is a basis for a definition of the user's needs?

Option 1: Work breakdown structure
Option 2: Functional requirements
Option 3: Project cost estimate
Option 4: Selection of personnel
Option 5: Termination decision

If a project has an 80% chance of having the scope defined by a certain date and a 70% chance of obtaining approval for the scope by a certain date, what is the probability of both events occurring?

Option 1: 75%
Option 2: 65%
Option 3: 50%
Option 4: 56%
Option 5: 66%

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