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The project management team must be careful not to confuse quality with grade. Grade is:

Option 1: A system to measure operational planning techniques
Option 2: A category for quality improvement
Option 3: A rank given to entities having the same functional use but different requirements for quality
Option 4: A check list for quality management techniques
Option 5: A report from quality audits

To a project manager, which of the following is a disadvantage of progress reports as compared to watching what is going on in a project, asking questions and assisting team members?

Option 1: Progress reports include information from all the team
Option 2: Progress reports include information from stakeholders
Option 3: Progress reports generally show problems after they have occurred
Option 4: Progress reports supply information about trends
Option 5:

The project manager identifies a potential problem with the schedule in that many of the supervisors are not starting work on schedule, but are waiting until all the float (slack) is consumed on an activity before starting. In a few cases, this practice is ?pushing? following activities out and absorbing the float downstream. The project manager directs that this practice stop and to ensure compliance _________.

Option 1: ?Freezes? the start of all activities to identify when supervisors initiate late starts.
Option 2: ?Freezes? the endpoint of all activities to identify when supervisors initiate late starts
Option 3: Converts the schedule to a ?fixed? activity network so the supervisors have only a given time frame to complete activities.
Option 4: Informs the supervisors that any delays in the scheduled activities will result in dismissal of the responsible supervisor.
Option 5: Dismisses the most frequent abuser of the scheduling system as an example of the action that will be taken against supervisors for irregular practices.

The quality team for the project consists of several groups. Which of the following project participants plays the most important role in the quality function?

Option 1: Customer
Option 2: Project Manager
Option 3: Project Team
Option 4: Vendors and suppliers
Option 5:

The two closing procedures are called:

Option 1: Contract close out and scope verification
Option 2: Contract close out and administrative closure
Option 3: Project closure and product verification
Option 4: Project closure and lessons learned
Option 5:

The unique identifiers assigned to each item of a WBS are often known collectively as:

Option 1: The work package codes
Option 2: The project identifiers
Option 3: The code of accounts
Option 4: The element accounts
Option 5:

The practice of ceasing mass inspections and ending awards based on price is credited to:

Option 1: Edward Deming
Option 2: Philip Crosby
Option 3: Juran
Option 4: Pareto
Option 5:

A fixed-price-plus-incentive-fee (FPI. contract has a target cost of $130,000, a target profit of $15,000, a target price of $145,000, a ceiling price of $160,000, and a share ratio of 80/20. The actual cost of the project was $150,000. How much profit does the seller make?

Option 1: $10,000
Option 2: $15,000
Option 3: $0
Option 4: $5,000
Option 5:

Tools and techniques for Team Development include all except:

Option 1: Team-building activities
Option 2: General management skills
Option 3: Role and responsibility assignments
Option 4: Rewards and recognition systems
Option 5: Training

Tools and Techniques for project plan development include:

Option 1: Project planning methodology, stakeholders skills and knowledge, project management information system (PMIS)
Option 2: General management skills, project management information systems
Option 3: Organizational procedures
Option 4: Work authorization systems, status review meetings
Option 5: All of the above

There is project with CPI of 0.81 and TCPI=1.00001 this project is

Option 1: overbudget and cannot recover
Option 2: underbudget
Option 3: overbudget and early in its evolution
Option 4: no interference cam be made
Option 5:

The project schedule is a dynamic document that is maintained in computer systems and that initially reflects the baseline plan. As the schedule is updated to correct errors, change the scope, or reflect actual duration, the baseline schedule:

Option 1: Becomes the current schedule with all changes
Option 2: Is maintained as the original baseline for post-project evaluations
Option 3: Is deleted as being unusable and unneeded to manage the project
Option 4: Is amended to remove any errors but maintained for post-project evaluations
Option 5: None of the above

The project manager's leadership style should be matched to the corresponding developmental level of the project team and should move through successive steps in the following order:

Option 1: Disciplinary, autocratic, participative
Option 2: Staff planning, team training, performance monitoring
Option 3: Team building, team development, responsibility assignment
Option 4: Directing, coaching, supporting, delegating
Option 5:

The quality management processes do not include:

Option 1: Quality planning
Option 2: Quality assurance
Option 3: Quality control
Option 4: Overall change control
Option 5: None of the above

The project schedule is more than a document that lays out the activities over time to represent the time dimension of the project; it is a management tool to be used for decision making. As such, the schedule is used by the project management team to:

Option 1: Measure, delay, record, distribute, analyze, and direct
Option 2: Emphasize, visualize, analyze, conceptualize, report, and record
Option 3: Promote, highlight, monitor, control, forecast, and report
Option 4: Plan, schedule, monitor, control, forecast, and report
Option 5: All of the above

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