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Project Stakeholders are defined as:

Option 1: Individuals and organizations that are actively involved in the project
Option 2: Individuals and organizations who use the project's product
Option 3: Individuals and organizations whose interest may be positively or negatively affected as a result of project execution or successful project completion
Option 4: Individuals and organizations who provide the financial resources
Option 5: All of the above

Project scope is:

Option 1: The work that must be done in order to deliver a product with the specified features and functions.
Option 2: The features and functions that are to be included in a product or service.
Option 3: A narrative description of work to be performed under contract.
Option 4: a and b
Option 5: all of the above

On your PMP Application, in order to meet the 4,500 hours of experience requirement, you lie about the number of months you spent on a project. You are in violation of the responsibility to:

Option 1: Provide accurate information.
Option 2: Cooperate with PMI concerning ethics violations of the PMP Code of Conduct.
Option 3: Provide accurate advertising.
Option 4: Support and disseminate PMP Code of Conduct.
Option 5:

Project management process can be organized into:

Option 1: Initiating process
Option 2: Planning process
Option 3: Controlling and executing process
Option 4: Closing processes
Option 5: All of the above

Scoring models, comparative approaches and benefit contribution are all part of:

Option 1: Constrained optimization models for selecting a project
Option 2: Benefit measurement models for selecting a project
Option 3: Quality measurement techniques
Option 4: Information distribution tools
Option 5:

Project sponsors have the GREATEST influence on the scope, quality, time, and cost of the project during the:

Option 1: Concept phase.
Option 2: Development phase.
Option 3: Execution phase.
Option 4: Close-down phase.
Option 5:

Risks are accepted when:

Option 1: You develop a contigency plan to execute should the risk event occur.
Option 2: You accept the consequences of the risk.
Option 3: You transfer the risk to another party.
Option 4: You reduce the probability of the risk event occurring
Option 5: a and b

Resource leveling heuristics allocates scarce resources to critical path activities first.

Option 1: True
Option 2: False
Option 3:
Option 4:
Option 5:

Scope planning is:

Option 1: Developing a comprehensive plan based on input from major stakeholders.
Option 2: Developing a written scope statement as the basis for future project decisions.
Option 3: The process, which provides information for planning project milestones.
Option 4: Subdividing the project into smaller, more manageable components.
Option 5:

Stakeholder acceptance is crucial to what phase of the scope management process?

Option 1: Initiation
Option 2: Scope planning
Option 3: Implementation
Option 4: Scope improvement
Option 5: Scope verification

Listening involves more than hearing sounds. The good listener

Option 1: repeats some of the things said
Option 2: finishes the speaker's sentences
Option 3: writes everything down
Option 4: nods his head frequently
Option 5: smiles a lot

Project coordination is enhanced through progress reporting, variance reporting and cross-team meetings. These are all forms of:

Option 1: stakeholder management.
Option 2: risk management and reporting.
Option 3: quality management.
Option 4: communications management.
Option 5:

Project initiation is all of the following except:

Option 1: A process of formally recognizing that a new project exists.
Option 2: A process of formally recognizing that an existing project should continue into its next phase.
Option 3: It links the project to the ongoing work of the performing organization.
Option 4: Its inputs are product description, strategic plan, constraints, and assumptions
Option 5:

Status review meetings are:

Option 1: Held to notify stakeholders of critical information
Option 2: Regularly scheduled meetings held to exchange information about the project
Option 3: Held to update departmental staff of project status
Option 4: Held only when there is an identified problem
Option 5: None of the above

Meeting with prospective sellers prior to preparation of a proposals is

Option 1: Negotiations
Option 2: Solicitation
Option 3: Bidders' conference
Option 4: Illegal
Option 5: None of the above

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