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From a buyer's standpoint, which of the following is true?

Option 1: Procurement planning should include consideration of potential subcontracts
Option 2: Procurement planning does not include consideration of potential subcontracts since this is the duty of the contractor.
Option 3: Subcontractors are first considered during the Solicitation Process
Option 4: none of the above
Option 5:

Frederick Herzberg identified all of the following are motivators of technical employees except

Option 1: peer recognition
Option 2: the supervisor's personality
Option 3: the work assignment
Option 4: the work responsibility
Option 5: the opportunity to learn new skills

Formal acceptance by the client or sponsor of the project should be preapred and distributed during which process?

Option 1: Information Distribution
Option 2: Administrative Closeout
Option 3: Organizational Planning
Option 4: Performance Reporting
Option 5:

In a weak matrix the project manager's authority is likely to be:

Option 1: Non-existent
Option 2: Low
Option 3: Limited
Option 4: Medium to high
Option 5: High

Ideally, communication between the project manager and the project team members should take place:

Option 1: Via daily status reports.
Option 2: Through approved documented forms.
Option 3: By written and oral communication.
Option 4: Through the formal chain of command.
Option 5:

During what Time Management Process are the specific activities that must be performed to produce the deliverables in the WBS identified and documented?

Option 1: Activity Sequencing
Option 2: Activity Definition
Option 3: Schedule Development
Option 4: Activity Duration Estimating
Option 5:

In a cost plus fixed fee contract, how can the fee change?

Option 1: It cannot change.
Option 2: It can change if change orders are issued.
Option 3: It can only be increased by 10% if there is an unexpected cost overrun.
Option 4: It can be decreased under certain circumstances.
Option 5:

In which stage of the negotiation meeting are points of concession identified?

Option 1: probing
Option 2: closure
Option 3: agreement
Option 4: scratch bargaining
Option 5:

Goals of interpersonal communications should include all EXCEPT

Option 1: producing action or change
Option 2: intimidation
Option 3: gaining acceptance for yourself and/or your ideas
Option 4: understanding the intent of others
Option 5: being understood by others

In order to anticipate your management's approval of the amount of risk you plan to take on with your chosen project approach, you would use

Option 1: Probability analysis
Option 2: The Delphi method
Option 3: The Monte Carlo method
Option 4: The utility theory
Option 5:

Dual reporting is most likely to occur in which type of organization?

Option 1: Functional
Option 2: Projectized
Option 3: Matrix
Option 4: Laissez-faire
Option 5: None of the above

For Christmas, you give your government client a leather brief case. You are in violation of the responsibility to:

Option 1: Comply with the law.
Option 2: Comply with regulations.
Option 3: Provide accurate information.
Option 4: Protect conflict of interest.
Option 5:

In an "activity-on arrow" network, the nodes represent _______ and may also be _______.

Option 1: A stopping point; transition points
Option 2: Zero time usage; milestones
Option 3: A use of one time unit; decision points
Option 4: Connector points for events; duplicates of other nodes
Option 5: Activities of importance; major consumers of time

Human resource administration is the primary responsibility of the:

Option 1: Project Management Team
Option 2: Human Resources Department
Option 3: Executive Manager
Option 4: Project Manager
Option 5: Line Managers

During the project scope planning process, the work breakdown structure should be developed to:

Option 1: The sub-project level.
Option 2: The level determined by the project office.
Option 3: A level allowing for adequate estimates.
Option 4: The cost center level.
Option 5:

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