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All of the following would occur during the closure of the project EXCEPT

Option 1: Creating lessons learned
Option 2: Formal acceptance
Option 3: Reducing resource spending
Option 4: Performing cost benefit analysis
Option 5:

Core processes:

Option 1: Can interact differently with one-another, depending on the nature of the project
Option 2: Have clear dependencies that require them to be performed in essentially the same order
Option 3: Dependencies are dependent on the nature of the project
Option 4: Are managed by the same staff members throughout the project
Option 5: Are defined as those processes involved in monitoring, measuring, and taking corrective action

Cost estimating:

Option 1: Involves developing an estimate of the costs of the resources needed to complete project activities.
Option 2: Includes identifying and considering various costing alternatives.
Option 3: Involves allocating the overall estimates to individual work items.
Option 4: A and C
Option 5: A and B

An example of a project is:

Option 1: Billing customers
Option 2: Managing an organization
Option 3: Constructing a building or facility
Option 4: Providing technical support
Option 5: Providing financial services

At a critical milestone in a development project, it is determined that implementation is two months behind schedule, The project manager is also concerned about conformance to requirements in the design of the new billing system. It is suggested that an audit be performed to verify conformance of the items included in the billing system. The proposed audit will require an additional one week delay and is:

Option 1: a luxury to be avoided at this stage.
Option 2: a legitimate application of configuration management.
Option 3: an example of benefit/cost analysis.
Option 4: an example of performance measurement.
Option 5:

Cost control is concerned with:

Option 1: Managing changes when they occur
Option 2: Resource rates
Option 3: Chart of accounts
Option 4: Organizational policies
Option 5: Expert judgment

As part of integrated change control, a project manager wants to involve the stakeholders. Which of the following would be the BEST way accomplish this?

Option 1: Have the stakeholders periodically review the list of project requirements
Option 2: Invite the stakeholders to attend project status meetings
Option 3: Send the status report to the stakeholders
Option 4: Constantly update the stakeholders on the status of all project changes
Option 5:

Contract closure and administrative closure both involve

Option 1: product verification.
Option 2: kick-off meetings.
Option 3: creation of the scope verification plan.
Option 4: quality assurance activities.
Option 5:

Change control requests:

Option 1: Must be relayed in writing
Option 2: Provide the baseline against which changes will be controlled
Option 3: Are always initiated externally
Option 4: Are inputs to integrated change control
Option 5: Are outputs of integrated change control

Communication technology factors that may affect the project include:

Option 1: Length of the project
Option 2: The immediacy of the need for information
Option 3: The availability of technology
Option 4: Expected project staffing
Option 5: All of the above

Assuming a PERT weighted average computation, what is the probability of completing the project within plus-or-minus 3 standard deviations of the mean?

Option 1: 68%
Option 2: 99.74%
Option 3: 95%
Option 4: 75%
Option 5:

Complex projects, involving cross-disciplinary efforts, are MOST effectively managed by:

Option 1: Multiple lead project managers.
Option 2: A functional organization.
Option 3: A strong matrix organization.
Option 4: A strong traditional manager.
Option 5:

Company ABC is evaluating three consulting companies to find a consultant to perform professional services. They request information on how the three consulting companies allocate fringe benefits to their clients. What type of cost is Company ABC asking about?

Option 1: direct
Option 2: Variable
Option 3: Fixed
Option 4: indirect
Option 5:

All of the following are part of an effective change control system EXCEPT?

Option 1: Procedures
Option 2: Standards for reports
Option 3: Meetings
Option 4: Lessons learned
Option 5:

Cost Variance (CV) is which of the following equations?

Option 1: CV = BCWP - BCWS
Option 2: CV = BCWP - ACWP
Option 3: CV = SV / BCWS
Option 4: A and c
Option 5:

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