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A project manager is working on his first project with outside sellers. He is familiar with project control systems but not contract control systems. In explaining how a contract control system differs from a project control system, it is BEST to point out that a contract control system:

Option 1: includes procedures.
Option 2: includes trend analysis.
Option 3: requires more signoffs.
Option 4: requires less documentation
Option 5:

A tool that analyzes the inputs to a process to identify the causes of errors is called:

Option 1: Cause and effect diagram
Option 2: Scatter diagram
Option 3: Ishikawa diagram
Option 4: Pareto diagram
Option 5: a and c

A project is considered closed when the

Option 1: client accepts the product.
Option 2: lessons learned are completed
Option 3: archives are completed
Option 4: contract is finished
Option 5:

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, a person who is attempting to fulfill the need for safety has already satisfied which needs?

Option 1: Esteem
Option 2: Self-Actualization
Option 3: Physiological
Option 4: Social
Option 5: None

A project manager needs to obtain resources for a major integration project. From whom should he obtain resources?

Option 1: Management
Option 2: Team members
Option 3: Functional manager
Option 4: Integration manager
Option 5:

A scope change control system

Option 1: Defines the procedures by which the project scope may be changed.
Option 2: Is an information management system to support identifying, documenting, and managing project scope changes.
Option 3: Is a system of discipline to effectively control change within the scope of a project.
Option 4: Is a tool for the project manager to justify budget changes
Option 5:

A team member who doesn't have the required skills or knowledge was assigned to a team. Who is responsible for ensuring that he receives the proper training?

Option 1: Sponsor
Option 2: Functional manager
Option 3: Project manager
Option 4: Training coordinator
Option 5:

A precise description of a deliverable is called a:

Option 1: Specification.
Option 2: Baseline.
Option 3: Work package.
Option 4: Work breakdown structure element.
Option 5:

All of the following aid in achieving consensus EXCEPT:

Option 1: Maintaining a focus on the problem, not each other.
Option 2: Avoiding conflict.
Option 3: Seeking facts.
Option 4: Avoiding voting, trading, or averaging.
Option 5:

A project is a _____________ effort undertaken to create a _____________ product or service.

Option 1: Unique, temporary
Option 2: Significant, necessary
Option 3: Organized, profitable
Option 4: Temporary, unique
Option 5: None of the above

A technique for resolving conflict in which the parties agree to have a neutral third party hear the dispute and make a decision is called:

Option 1: Negotiation
Option 2: Arbitration
Option 3: Smoothing
Option 4: Forcing
Option 5:

A project manager has a very large project budget but lacks experience on the team and adequate management support. Under these circumstances, what is the MOST effective way to get the work completed?

Option 1: Provide bonuses for meeting specific quality measures
Option 2: Inform the team members they will be fired if they do not perform
Option 3: Spend some of the project budget taking the team members' bosses to lunch and discuss the benefits of the project
Option 4: Inform the team they do not need to worry because the project manager will provide the technical expertise
Option 5:

A modification of a logical relationship that allows an acceleration of the successor task is represented by:

Option 1: Lead time
Option 2: Lag time
Option 3: Negative Lag
Option 4: a or b
Option 5: a or c

A network diagram that uses nodes to represent activities and arrows to show the activity dependencies and allows no loops is called:

Option 1: AOA
Option 2: AON
Option 3: ADM
Option 4: GERT
Option 5:

A project manager has finished the project. He knows that all the scope has been completed and is within cost and time objectives set by the sponsor. The sponsor, however, says that the project is a failure, because the original schedule was for 27 weeks and the project was completed in 33 weeks. If the project baseline was 33 weeks, the project is a success because:

Option 1: it only had six weeks of changes.
Option 2: it was completed within the baseline
Option 3: there were so few changes
Option 4: there was good communication control.
Option 5:

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