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Which of the following depreciation methods provides for accelerated depreciation of an asset:

Option 1: Double-declining balance
Option 2: Straight line
Option 3: Exponential depreciation
Option 4: Double sum-of-the-year digits
Option 5: Double increasing balance

While preparing your risk responses, you identify additional risks. What should you do?

Option 1: Apply reserves to try to compensate
Option 2: Document the unknown risk items and calculate the expected monetary value based on probability and impact that result from the occurrences
Option 3: Determine the unknown risk events and the associated cost, then add the cost to the project budget as a reserve
Option 4: Add a 10% contingency
Option 5:

You are in the execution phase of a major project with an estimated cost of US $22 million. Two team members are having a disagreement over the potential sellers of a project component, and the project manager has offered to help. The project manager suggests a compromise, and the team members want to solve the problem. Who should decide on the BEST course of action?

Option 1: Management
Option 2: Team members
Option 3: Project manager
Option 4: Customer
Option 5:

A PM is analyzing a series of project activities. His decisions about which resources to assign and for what length of time to apply them are the result of careful consideration of historical data. This analytical technique is called______.

Option 1: Design of experiments
Option 2: Advanced scheduling
Option 3: Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria (C/SCSC)
Option 4: Inspection by attribute
Option 5: None of the above

The ?triple constraint? philosophy involves which project attributes?

Option 1: Time, Quality, and Contracts
Option 2: Scope, Cost, and Communication
Option 3: Time, Cost, and Quality
Option 4: Product, Price, and People
Option 5:

Which is a characteristic of a project?

Option 1: Defined objective
Option 2: Specific duration
Option 3: Defined tasks
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5:

The work breakdown structure, the work packages, and the company?s accounting system are tied together through the:

Option 1: Code of accounts
Option 2: Budgeting system
Option 3: Capital budgeting process
Option 4: Overhead rates
Option 5: All of the above

The rule of seven is used by quality control engineers to determine whether a process is out of control. In this scenario, a run of seven or more samples which lays on one side of the process mean, is said to be out of control. What is the probability that a run of seven on either side of the process mean is due to random variations?

Option 1: 14.3%
Option 2: 3.12%
Option 3: 2.73%
Option 4: 1.56%
Option 5: 0.78%

You are a project manager for a manufacturing plant that has never before done this type of project. The project cost is $30,000 and will make use of three sellers. Once begun, the project cannot be canceled as there will be a large expenditure on plant and equipment. As the project manager, it would be MOST important to carefully:

Option 1: Review all cost proposals from the sellers
Option 2: Examine the budget reserves
Option 3: Complete the project charter
Option 4: Perform an identification of risks
Option 5:

A diagram that shows how various elements of a system relate is:

Option 1: CPM
Option 2: Flowchart
Option 3: Bar chart
Option 4: Network diagram
Option 5: XY diagram

The purpose of configuration management is to:

Option 1: Guarantee the technical specification is current
Option 2: Control change throughout the project
Option 3: Inform stakeholders of changes
Option 4: Generate Engineering Change Requests
Option 5:

A cost-plus-incentive-fee (CPIF. contract has an estimated cost of $150,000 with a predetermined fee of $15,000 and a share ratio of 80/20. The actual costs of the project is $130,000. How much profit does the seller make?

Option 1: $31,000
Option 2: $19,000
Option 3: $15,000
Option 4: none of the above
Option 5:

You were in the middle of deploying new technology to field offices across the country. A hurricane caused power outages just when the upgrade was near completion. When the power was restored all of the information was lost, with no way to retrieve it. What should have been done to prevent this?

Option 1: Purchase insurance
Option 2: Plan for a reserve fund
Option 3: Monitor the weather and have a contingency plan
Option 4: Schedule the installation outside the hurricane season
Option 5:

When an organization chooses a project selection model, the most important criteria is:

Option 1: Flexibility
Option 2: Capability
Option 3: Realism
Option 4: Ease of use
Option 5: Cost

The same quality control manager decides to increase his daily sample size from three to six. The size of the control band will:

Option 1: Increase
Option 2: Decrease
Option 3: Remain the same
Option 4: Not determinable from given data
Option 5: None of the above

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