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A project manager found that unnecessary management time was being spent in a project. In addition, the resources were being used ineffectively and there was decreased efficiency in performing the work. The likely problem is that:

Option 1: The team is likely to be an inexperienced one with the result that the project is running inefficiently.
Option 2: The team is not working in a cohesive manner and requires some team-building activities to help improve efficiencies.
Option 3: Decomposition of the deliverables into smaller more manageable components has been done excessively.
Option 4: The project is a tough one and hence the processes are inefficient.
Option 5:

As project manager, you find you are constantly dealing with conflict amongst your team members. Everyone argues over sharing available project resources so you plan to use a conflict resolution method to alleviate the tension between team members. What conflict resolution method is NOT recognized by the Project Management Institute?

Option 1: Forcing
Option 2: Withdrawal
Option 3: Elaboration
Option 4: Smoothing
Option 5:

At a Project Management conference, the speaker refers to a "triple constraint" in project management. The speaker elaborates on how the project quality is balanced by the three factors involved and the relationship between these three factors being such that if any one of the factors changes, at least one other factor is likely to change. The speaker is referring to:

Option 1: Project scope, time and cost.
Option 2: Project schedule, cost and resources
Option 3: Project Scope, cost and resources
Option 4: Project scope, time and quality
Option 5:

You have utilized 360-degree feedback techniques for your information gathering and are in the process of giving formal feedback to team members. You will be setting specific goals for employees for the remainder of the project. Which technique are you utilizing?

Option 1: Project Performance Appraisals
Option 2: Co-location
Option 3: Issue Log
Option 4: Observation and Conversation
Option 5:

You are a project manager who is in charge of an important project for your company. The project includes producing widgets for your customer. Data has been collected to help identify the greatest causes of defects in the overall process. Which technique should you use to determine the greatest source of defects?

Option 1: Statistical sampling
Option 2: Defect repair review
Option 3: Pareto charting
Option 4: Kaizen
Option 5:

A small project team has been assembled to develop a new retail store concept. The project manager wants to document the project's organization and position descriptions. Which of the following formats could he use?

Option 1: Matrix based chart
Option 2: Hierarchical chart
Option 3: Text oriented format
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5:

In a sender-receiver model for communication, information is sent and received between two parties, defined as the sender and the receiver. In such a model, anything that interferes with the transmission and understanding of the message is called:

Option 1: Noise
Option 2: Constraint
Option 3: Medium
Option 4: Barrier
Option 5:

Variance thresholds for monitoring cost performance are typically expressed as _______________ from the baseline plan.

Option 1: Positive deviation
Option 2: Percentage deviation
Option 3: Average deviation
Option 4: Negative deviation
Option 5:

You are an inexperienced project manager who has been appointed to manage a project in a matrix organization. Because of this you can expect the communication in this project to be:

Option 1: Open and Accurate
Option 2: Easy to Automate
Option 3: Simple
Option 4: Complex
Option 5:

Predicting future performance based on historical events is called ___________.

Option 1: Historical analysis
Option 2: Trend analysis
Option 3: Parametric analysis
Option 4: Pareto analysis
Option 5:

Which of the following estimating techniques will cost less, but is also generally less accurate?

Option 1: Parametric Estimating
Option 2: Analogous Estimating
Option 3: Resource cost based Estimating
Option 4: Bottom-up Estimating
Option 5:

A project manager is using a Risk Diagramming technique that is a graphical representation of situations showing causal influences, time ordering of events and other relationships among variables and outcomes. This would be:

Option 1: A System flow chart
Option 2: An Influence Diagram
Option 3: Pareto chart
Option 4: Risk flow diagram
Option 5:

As a project manager based at the customer location for a performing organization, you strike up a rapport with a customer manager. As the project progresses, the manager asks you to make certain changes to the project scope and wants this to be handled on an informal basis. You should:

Option 1: Contact your manager in your organization and ask for this work to be done without payment, as a goodwill gesture.
Option 2: Comply with the manager's request. It is important to continue to maintain a good relationship with the manager.
Option 3: Refuse to take up any changes since the manager has asked you to do it informally.
Option 4: Explain to the manager that you would need to formally document these as part of project scope change and put it through the change management process.
Option 5:

What strategy should a project manager follow during the early stage of a conflict between two of his team members?

Option 1: Use a formal procedure to resolve the conflict
Option 2: Address the two team-members in a team meeting and warn them.
Option 3: Allow the team members to resolve their conflict
Option 4: Use disciplinary action to resolve the conflict
Option 5:

The project management team performed activities such as measuring examining and verifying to determine whether work and deliverables met requirements and product acceptance criteria. Which of the following choices refers to a different set of activities than the ones just mentioned?

Option 1: Walkthroughs
Option 2: Prevention
Option 3: Inspection
Option 4: Reviews
Option 5:

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