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Project managers must obey the Code of the Ethics and Professional Conduct. They must maintain both aspirational as well as mandatory standards at all times. Avoiding these standards will be subjected to disciplinary procedures. But, PMI code may not apply to:

Option 1: Non PMI members who apply to commensurate a PMI certification process
Option 2: Non PMI members who serve PMI in a volunteer capacity
Option 3: Non PMI members who hold a PMI certification
Option 4: Applies to all of the above
Option 5:

You are working as a project manager for a High yield crop development project. Data from the weather agency shows an unfavorable weather pattern for next few months. As a senior project manager, you want to assess the feasibility of the schedule under adverse conditions and provide some insights to your team. This way, your team can prepare some reserves and plan risk responses if unfavorable conditions exist during execution. Which of the following techniques should you use to assess the feasibility of the schedule?

Option 1: Pareto charts
Option 2: Variance analysis
Option 3: Crashing
Option 4: Monte Carlo analysis
Option 5:

You have recently acquired a project to develop Organic products for a retail store. You are making informal conversations and luncheon meetings with all your senior functional managers to understand various factors that impact the allocation of resources to the project. Which of the following BEST describes the activity you are undertaking?

Option 1: You are using organizational process assets to manage your project team
Option 2: You are using the observation and conversation to manage your project team
Option 3: You are using the networking technique to develop the human resource plan
Option 4: You are making use of your interpersonal skills to develop your project team
Option 5:

Decision tree analysis is used to calculate the average outcome when the future includes scenarios that may or may not happen. What is the input and output in a decision node?

Option 1: Input: Cost of each decision Output: Probability of occurrence
Option 2: Input: Cost of each decision Output: Decision made
Option 3: Input: Scenario probability Output: Expected Monetary Value (EMV)
Option 4: Input: Cost of each decision Output: Payoff
Option 5:

All of the following are tools of the control schedule process EXCEPT:

Option 1: Parametric estimating
Option 2: What-if scenario analysis
Option 3: Schedule compression
Option 4: Variance analysis
Option 5:

The method used in the plan quality process to identify the factors that may influence specific variables of a product under development is known as:

Option 1: The forecasting technique
Option 2: The control chart
Option 3: The statistical sampling
Option 4: The design of experiments
Option 5:

Dana works for a Federal agency that manages mission critical projects. As a project manager, she is responsible for all communication needs in her data center project, which has started recently. This project involves many stakeholders, customers, external vendors and team members. Since conflicts are inevitable in such a huge project, she has decided to provide her project team the details of the issue escalation process including the names of the chain of command to escalate the issues that cannot be resolved at a lower level. Dana must use the following document to store this information:

Option 1: The project charter
Option 2: The communication management plan
Option 3: The issue log
Option 4: The project scope document
Option 5:

You are in the process of collecting and disseminating performance information to the stakeholders in the project. You want to predict the future performance of the project based on the current information. This performance information includes status reports, current status of risks, and summary of changes approved in the period. Which of the following methods help you in predicting the future performance of the project?

Option 1: A time-series method
Option 2: A pareto chart
Option 3: A run chart
Option 4: A work breakdown structure
Option 5:

When the budget is determined for a project, costs are estimated for all activities in the project and aggregated to establish a cost baseline. Which of the following statements about the cost baseline is NOT true?

Option 1: The project cost performance is measured against the cost baseline
Option 2: The cost baseline is an output of the determine budget process
Option 3: The cost baseline includes all authorized budgets including management reserves
Option 4: The cost baseline is in the form of an 'S' curve
Option 5:

The RACI chart is an example for a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM). The letters R and C in RACI chart stand for

Option 1: Responsible and consult
Option 2: Resource and consultant
Option 3: Responsible and categorize
Option 4: Resource and consult
Option 5:

The number of communication channels depends on the number of team members in any project. If five team members are released from a team of 25, how many communication channels remain in the project?

Option 1: 300
Option 2: 625
Option 3: 190
Option 4: 400
Option 5:

All of the following statements about project management process groups are correct EXCEPT:

Option 1: All of the project groups would repeat for each subproject in a large project
Option 2: The project management process groups are not project phases
Option 3: There are five project management process groups required for any project
Option 4: Project process groups are often performed only once in each phase
Option 5:

A project can be authorized by any of the following except:

Option 1: The project manager
Option 2: The PMO
Option 3: The sponsor
Option 4: The portfolio steering committee
Option 5:

You are in a meeting with your senior manager who has been helping you to organize and manage a team of IT people with numerous backgrounds. While you are discussing the creativity and breakthrough performance your team is demonstrating now, your senior manager indicates that your team has moved from the storming to the performing stage. Which of the following explains the characteristic of the performing stage?

Option 1: In the performing stage, the team completes the work and disbands as a project team
Option 2: In the performing stage, the team function as a well organized unit and resolve issues effectively
Option 3: In the performing stage, the team begins to work together and trust each other
Option 4: In the performing stage, the team starts to focus on the project work and technical decisions
Option 5:

No matter how good you are in communicating, information distribution to stakeholders as planned is a challenging task. Many tools are used in a project for effective information distribution that includes all of the following EXCEPT:

Option 1: Visual aids
Option 2: Encoding and Decoding
Option 3: Press releases
Option 4: Portals
Option 5:

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