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You have a choice of four ongoing projects that you can take over as project manager. Project 1 has a BCR of 1.4, is a high priority project and has a critical path length of 16 months. Its CPI is 1.2. Project 2 has an SPI of 1.1, is using three critical resources, has a low priority and has a BCR of 1.1. Project 3 has a CPI of 1.2, and SPI of .893, a BCR of 1.6 and a critical path length of 19 months. Project 4 has a CPI of .82, a task with 33 days of float, a resource that is hard to get assigned to task L and a priority of keeping cost low. Based on the above, which project would you prefer to take over?

Option 1: Project 1
Option 2: Project 2
Option 3: Project 3
Option 4: Project 4
Option 5:

Your project has a medium amount of risk and is not very well defined, yet you are asked to come up with a cost estimate. What is the BEST method to handle this?

Option 1: Build an estimate in the form of a range of possible results
Option 2: Ask the team members to help estimate the cost
Option 3: Based on the information you have, calculate a parametric estimate
Option 4: Provide an analogous estimate
Option 5:

You joined PMI 2 weeks ago. You have heard of an alleged violation of PMI?s intellectual property policy guidelines that occurred 3 months ago, but you have no first-hand knowledge of the incident. You have been asked by the Ethics Review Committee to answer questions related to this alleged violation. Are you required to answer the questions?

Option 1: No ? you have no firsthand knowledge of the incident
Option 2: No ? you were not a PMI member at the time of the incident
Option 3: Yes ? you have a responsibility to cooperate
Option 4: No ? you are not a party to the ethics proceedings
Option 5:

You are in charge of developing a new product for a bank. Your quality metrics are based on the 80th percentile of each of the last three products developed, This is an example of:

Option 1: Statistical sampling
Option 2: Metrics
Option 3: Benchmarking
Option 4: Operational definitions
Option 5:

You are finding it difficult to evaluate the exact cost impact of risks. You should evaluate on a:

Option 1: Quantitative basis
Option 2: Numerical basis
Option 3: Qualitative basis
Option 4: Economic basis
Option 5:

Your company has an emergency and needs contracted work done as soon as possible, Under these circumstances, which of the following would be the MOST helpful to add to the contract?

Option 1: A clear scope of work
Option 2: Requirements about which subcontractors can be used
Option 3: Incentives
Option 4: A force majeure clause
Option 5:

____________ formalizes the acceptance of the project or phase and bringing it to an orderly end.

Option 1: Punchlist
Option 2: Closing process
Option 3: Project completion checklist
Option 4: Stakeholder buyoff
Option 5: Initiation process

Which type of bilateral contract is used for high dollar, standard items?

Option 1: Purchase order
Option 2: Request for proposal (RFP)
Option 3: Invitation for bid (IFB)
Option 4: Request for quotation (RFQ)
Option 5:

You work for a company that outsources project management services. Your company has bid on a large contract that requires a project manager with experience in development of graphics software. Your boss has asked you to exaggerate your experience in order to get the contract (after all, you are PMP-certified, and you know how to use PhotoShop). What should you do?

Option 1: Study like mad to acquire the appropriate skills quickly.
Option 2: Tell your boss that you cannot misrepresent your experience, but will write up your qualifications in a manner that will show why you can do the job.
Option 3: Accept the job, since you know that you can manage the project well without that particular experience.
Option 4: Report the boss to his supervisor.
Option 5:

____________ must be measured regularly to identify variances from the plan.

Option 1: Stakeholder requirements
Option 2: Project performance
Option 3: Schedule control
Option 4: Project controls
Option 5: Performance reporting

You have been assigned a project in Japan. To make the transition as easy as possible, your company should do which of the following first:

Option 1: Send you to Japan for a few weeks before the project starts
Option 2: Give you some books/guides about Japan
Option 3: Hire a consultant who knows the company to brief you on what to expect
Option 4: Arrange to meet with people who have lived in Japan, to help you to understand what it is like to live there
Option 5:

_____________ identifies which quality standards are relevant to the project and determines how to satisfy them.

Option 1: Quality planning
Option 2: Quality assurance
Option 3: Quality control
Option 4: Process control
Option 5: Total Quality Management

You are asked by the PMI to provide information concerning the violation of the PMP Code of Professional Conduct by your best friend. To save the friendship, you refuse to provide any information: You are in violation of the responsibility to:

Option 1: Provide accurate information.
Option 2: Cooperate with the PMI concerning ethics violations.
Option 3: Comply with laws governing professional practice.
Option 4: Report violations to PMI.
Option 5:

_____________ includes the process required to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken.

Option 1: Quality planning
Option 2: Quality standards
Option 3: Process control
Option 4: Project quality management
Option 5: Project management control

_____________ is another term for top down estimating.

Option 1: Analogous estimating
Option 2: Life-cycle costing
Option 3: Parametric modeling
Option 4: Bottom up estimating
Option 5: Work packages

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