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A train can travel 50% faster than a car. Both start from point A at the same time and reach point B 75 kms away from A at the same time. On the way, however, the train lost about 12.5 minutes while stopping at the stations. The speed of the car is:

Option 1: 100 kmph
Option 2: 120 kmph
Option 3: 110 kmph
Option 4: 130 kmph
Option 5:

Robert is travelling on his cycle and has calculated to reach point A at 2 P.M. if he travels at 10 kmph, he will reach there at 12 noon if he travels at 15 kmph. At what speed must he travel to reach A at 1 P.M.?

Option 1: 8 kmph
Option 2: 12 kmph
Option 3: 11 kmph
Option 4: 14 kmph
Option 5:

The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 7 : 8. If the second train runs 400 kms in 4 hours, then the speed of the first train is:

Option 1: 70 km/hr
Option 2: 84 km/hr
Option 3: 75 km/hr
Option 4: 87.5 km/hr
Option 5:

A man complete a journey in 10 hours. He travels first half of the journey at the rate of 21 km/hr and second half at the rate of 24 km/hr. Find the total journey in km

Option 1: 220 km
Option 2: 234 km
Option 3: 224 km
Option 4: 230 km
Option 5:

In a flight of 600 km, an aircraft was slowed down due to bad weather. Its average speed for the trip was reduced by 200 km/hr and the time of flight increased by 30 minutes. The duration of the flight is:

Option 1: 1 Hour
Option 2: 2 Hour
Option 3: 3 Hour
Option 4: 4 Hour
Option 5:

A man on tour travels first 160 km at 64 km/hr and the next 160 km at 80 km/hr. The average speed for the first 320 km of the tour is:

Option 1: 35.55 km/hr
Option 2: 71.11 km/hr
Option 3: 36 km/hr
Option 4: 71 km/hr
Option 5:

In covering a distance of 30 km, Abhay takes 2 hours more than Sameer. If Abhay doubles his speed, then he would take 1 hour less than Sameer. Abhays speed is:

Option 1: 5 kmph
Option 2: 6.25 kmph
Option 3: 6 kmph
Option 4: 7.5 kmph
Option 5:

A car travelling with of its actual speed covers 42 km in 1 hr 40 min 48 sec. Find the actual speed of the car.

Option 1: 20 km/hr
Option 2: 30 km/hr
Option 3: 35 km/hr
Option 4: 40 km/hr
Option 5:

A man covered a certain distance at some speed. Had he moved 3 kmph faster, he would have taken 40 minutes less. If he had moved 2 kmph slower, he would have taken 40 minutes more. The distance (in km) is:

Option 1: 35
Option 2: 37.25
Option 3: 36.5
Option 4: 40
Option 5:

If a person walks at 14 km/hr instead of 10 km/hr, he would have walked 20 km more. The actual distance travelled by him is:

Option 1: 50 km
Option 2: 70 km
Option 3: 56 km
Option 4: 80 km
Option 5:

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