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Your company is way behind schedule in the deployment of a government mandated change to a health care processing system that must be in production by the end of the year. You and your team have met and decided to hire an additional 50 programmers to work with the existing staff on the activities in order to meet the due date. This is an example of what?

Option 1: Resource Leveling
Option 2: Fast Tracking
Option 3: Crashing
Option 4: Risk Transference
Option 5:

A construction project requires that governmental environmental hearings be held prior to site preparation. What kind of a dependency is this?

Option 1: Mandatory dependency
Option 2: Discretionary dependency
Option 3: Soft logic
Option 4: External dependency
Option 5:

To control the schedule, a project manager is re-analyzing the project to predict project duration. This is done by analyzing the sequence of activities with the least amount of flexibility. What technique is being used?

Option 1: Precedence Diagramming
Option 2: Work Breakdown Structure
Option 3: Flowchart
Option 4: Critical Path Method
Option 5:

Activity attributes extend the description of the activity by identifying various components associated with the activity. Typically how many attributes are associated with each activity?

Option 1: They should be between 5 and 10 in number
Option 2: The number of attributes varies by application area.
Option 3: They should be less than 5 in number
Option 4: The number of attributes depends on the activity.
Option 5:

Due to a tight project schedule, a project manager did not document lessons learned all through the project. However, at the end of the project, he finally documented the lessons learned. Your comment on this would be:

Option 1: This is ok. At a minimum, lessons learned should be documented at the end of the project.
Option 2: This is not ok. Lessons learned need to be documented all through the project as well as at the end of the project.
Option 3: This is not ok. Lessons learned need to be documented all through the project and must not be done at the end of the project.
Option 4: This is correct. Lessons learned are intended to be documented only at the end of the project.
Option 5:

Most project management software packages use a method of constructing a project schedule network diagram known as:

Option 1: Precedence Diagramming Mode
Option 2: Precedence Diagramming Method
Option 3: Project Diagramming Method
Option 4: Critical Diagramming Method
Option 5:

You are defining the schedule activities for your project and identifying deliverables at the lowest level in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). You find that there is insufficient definition of the project scope to decompose a branch of the WBS down to the work package level. You now look at using the last component in that branch of the WBS to develop a high-level project schedule for that component. Such a planning component is called:

Option 1: A planning packet
Option 2: Control system
Option 3: A planning package
Option 4: Control element
Option 5:

A technical team can begin editing of a large document 15 days after they begin writing it. What kind of a dependency would this be represented as?

Option 1: Start-to-start with a 15-day lead
Option 2: Finish-to-finish with a 15-day lead
Option 3: Start-to-start with a 15-day lag
Option 4: Finish-to-start with a 15-day lag
Option 5:

Decision making is an important skill a project manager must possess to manage and lead the team. Which of the following is NOT a part of the six-phase decision-making model ?

Option 1: Solution evaluation planning
Option 2: Solution action planning
Option 3: Problem solution generation
Option 4: Problem solution escalation
Option 5:

A project manager is trying to budget time for the various processes in the Project Time Management Knowledge Area. As project activities are being performed, in which of these processes will the majority of effort occur?

Option 1: Control Schedule
Option 2: Estimate Activity Durations
Option 3: Define Activities
Option 4: Develop Schedule
Option 5:

Forecasting is an important tool and technique used to report performance of a project. The forecasting method which uses historical data as the basis of estimating future outcomes is:

Option 1: Econometric method
Option 2: Judgmental method
Option 3: Time series method
Option 4: Composite forecast
Option 5:

A project manager uses precedence diagramming method (PDM) to constructing a project schedule network and draws up a network diagram for the purpose. He decides to use the most common type of precedence relationship for all activities. Which of the following relationships would he use?

Option 1: Start-to-finish (SF)
Option 2: Finish-to-finish (FF)
Option 3: Start-to-start (SS)
Option 4: Finish-to-start (FS)
Option 5:

Megamart is estimating the cost of a new ERP system using the costs of an earlier ERP system project as the basis for the cost. This is what type of estimating?

Option 1: Analogous
Option 2: Resource-based
Option 3: Judgment-based
Option 4: SWAG
Option 5:

There are two activities on your schedule, which are: 1) Install server in lab 2) Move server into the data center. However, the second task can't start until the server has run in the lab for 5 days without failure. This is an example of what?

Option 1: Fast Track
Option 2: Lead
Option 3: Crashing
Option 4: Lag
Option 5:

You just found out that a major subcontractor for your project consistently provides deliverables late. The subcontractor approaches you and asks you to continue accepting late deliverables in exchange for a decrease in project costs. This offer is an example of:

Option 1: Forcing
Option 2: Smoothing
Option 3: Confronting
Option 4: Compromise
Option 5:

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