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In the project environment, the individual ultimately responsible for quality control is ____.

Option 1: The line workers who must strive "to do things right the first time" to avoid quality problems.
Option 2: The company?s quality control manager who must work with project members to ensure the quality control program is effective.
Option 3: The head of the production department who retains ultimate quality control responsibility for all the company?s projects.
Option 4: The project manager who has ultimate responsibility for the entire project.
Option 5: The customer who must ensure that he/she is receiving a quality product from the vendor.

An acceptance control chart has limits that are based on the specification limits for the product rather than limits that differentiate between random and assignable causes. Under which of the following circumstances should a QC manager consider using an acceptance control chart?

Option 1: When the engineering tolerances on a dimension greatly exceeds the natural dispersion of the manufacturing process.
Option 2: When the number of samples outside the current control chart limits become too costly and cumbersome to investigate.
Option 3: When a process is subject to constant but stable tool wear.
Option 4: a and b
Option 5: a and c

Fast tracking requires greater project control, because it is a practice that increases _______, while shortening the ______ of the project.

Option 1: Benefit cost ratio, actual cost of work performed
Option 2: Budgeted cost of work performed, scheduled end date
Option 3: Risk, duration
Option 4: Level of effort, late finish date
Option 5: A and B above

A Project Manager is at the project kick-off meeting. He confidently states the vision and mission for the project. This PM is exhibiting the following leadership style:

Option 1: Hierarchal
Option 2: Authoritarian
Option 3: Charismatic
Option 4: Associative
Option 5:

A major contributor to the duration of a project is the available time until delivery. Another major contributor to the project duration is the:

Option 1: Skill of the scheduler
Option 2: Cost of labor of planners
Option 3: Type of automated scheduling system
Option 4: Frequency of updates to the schedule
Option 5: Availability of resources for the project

In an "activity-on arrow" network, the nodes represent _______ and may also be _______.

Option 1: A stopping point; transition points
Option 2: Zero time usage; milestones
Option 3: A use of one time unit; decision points
Option 4: Connector points for events; duplicates of other nodes
Option 5: Activities of importance; major consumers of time

The Critical Path Method of scheduling is:

Option 1: A technique used to predict project duration by analyzing which sequence of activities has the least amount of float
Option 2: A technique that uses weighted averages to calculate project duration
Option 3: A technique that uses sequential network logic for schedule development
Option 4: A technique that allows for probabilistic treatment of both network logic and activity duration estimates
Option 5: All of the above

The inputs to schedule control include all except:

Option 1: Project schedule
Option 2: Performance reports
Option 3: Schedule management plan
Option 4: Change requests
Option 5: Corrective action

In preparing the time estimates for a project, expert judgment is often used. This is best supplied by:

Option 1: Engineers who will be working on the project
Option 2: Planners who are preparing the schedule
Option 3: Knowledgeable consultants
Option 4: Customer?s representative
Option 5: Experience of an independent contractor

During the schedule development process the Project Manager may have to go through several iterations of the schedule before establishing the schedule baseline, All of the following are tools and techniques that may be used during this process:

Option 1: Critical Path Method, GERT, Resource Requirements
Option 2: Resource Leveling Heuristics, Mathematical Analysis, Calendars
Option 3: Duration compression, Resource Leveling Heuristics, PERT
Option 4: GERT, PERT, Leads and Lags
Option 5:

The computation of the duration of the network after all logic is completed and all time estimates are included in the schedule requires a forward and backward pass (computation). These two functions result in __________.

Option 1: Compressing any activities that exceed a specified duration
Option 2: Sorting all activities into a forward group and a backward group
Option 3: Generating new logic for the schedule if it exceeds the desired time duration
Option 4: Generating the float (slack) on each activity and identifying the critical path
Option 5: Separating the critical path from the non critical path activities in the network

Which of the following models of conflict resolution allows a cooling off period, but seldom resolves the issue in the long term?

Option 1: Problem solving
Option 2: Withdrawal
Option 3: Forcing
Option 4: Smoothing
Option 5:

PERT uses three time estimates to arrive at a single ?best? estimate for each activity. This is assumed to better account for uncertainty in the estimating process. The formula for computing the ?PERT estimate? is:

Option 1: (a+m+b)/4=Weighted Avg
Option 2: (a+4m+b)/4= Weighted Avg
Option 3: (a+4m+b)/6= Weighted Avg
Option 4: (a+5m+b)/6= Weighted Avg
Option 5: None of the above

The process that is not a part of time management is:

Option 1: Activity Definition
Option 2: Resource Planning
Option 3: Schedule Development
Option 4: Activity Sequencing
Option 5: Schedule Control

What describes the process of creating a coherent, consistent document that can be used to guide both project execution and control?

Option 1: Risk management
Option 2: Project plan development
Option 3: Project plan execution
Option 4: Project initiation
Option 5:

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