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Change requests can occur due to:

Option 1: An external event such as a change in government regulation.
Option 2: An error or omission in defining the scope of the product.
Option 3: An error or omission in defining the scope of the project.
Option 4: a and c
Option 5: all of the above

Which is a time-phased budget used to measure and monitor cost performance on the project?

Option 1: Cost baseline
Option 2: Project schedule
Option 3: Cost management plan
Option 4: EAC
Option 5: Chart of accounts

During what Time Management Process are the specific activities that must be performed to produce the deliverables in the WBS identified and documented?

Option 1: Activity Sequencing
Option 2: Activity Definition
Option 3: Schedule Development
Option 4: Activity Duration Estimating
Option 5:

_____________ is another term for top down estimating.

Option 1: Analogous estimating
Option 2: Life-cycle costing
Option 3: Parametric modeling
Option 4: Bottom up estimating
Option 5: Work packages

A period of time in work weeks which includes non-working days is called:

Option 1: Elapsed Time
Option 2: Duration
Option 3: Effort
Option 4: Earned Time
Option 5:

The amount of time that an activity can be delayed from its early start without delaying the project end date is called:

Option 1: Negative Float
Option 2: Free Float
Option 3: Total Float
Option 4: Float
Option 5: c and d

_____________uses project characteristics in a mathematical model to predict costs.

Option 1: Parametric modeling
Option 2: Bottom up estimating
Option 3: Analogous estimating
Option 4: Rule of thumb
Option 5: Template estimating

What are you likely to see as a project progresses in a schedule with must fix dates and little or no slack?

Option 1: Lots of free float
Option 2: Idle resources
Option 3: Negative float
Option 4: Positive float
Option 5:

When is the earliest time administrative closure should be completed?

Option 1: At the end of each project phase
Option 2: At the end of the project
Option 3: Whenever a deliverable is complete
Option 4: Whenever a new project manager takes over a project
Option 5:

The value of all work so far is completed called:

Option 1: Earned Value
Option 2: Estimate at complete
Option 3: Actual Cost
Option 4: Planned Value
Option 5:

Two people are arguing about what needs to be done to complete a task. If the project manager wants to know what is going on, she should pay MOST attention to:

Option 1: what is saiD.
Option 2: what is being discussed according to those arguing.
Option 3: physical mannerisms.
Option 4: the pitch and tone of the voices.
Option 5:

In crashing the schedule, you would focus on:

Option 1: Accelerating as many tasks as possible
Option 2: Accelerating just the non-critical tasks
Option 3: Accelerating the performance of tasks on the critical path
Option 4: None of the above
Option 5:

A PM is analyzing a series of project activities. His decisions about which resources to assign and for what length of time to apply them are the result of careful consideration of historical data. This analytical technique is called______.

Option 1: Design of experiments
Option 2: Advanced scheduling
Option 3: Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria (C/SCSC)
Option 4: Inspection by attribute
Option 5: None of the above

To calculate the late start and late finish dates for a set of tasks, you must do:

Option 1: An analysis of the critical path
Option 2: A forwards pass
Option 3: A backwards pass
Option 4: a and c
Option 5: all of the above

The major difference(s) between time-limited scheduling and resource leveling is (are):

Option 1: Time-limited scheduling reschedules based on late start dates, while resource leveling reschedules based on late finish dates.
Option 2: Time-limited scheduling considers total float but resource leveling does not.
Option 3: Time-limited scheduling reschedules activities according to resource availability while resource leveling attempts to smooth resource requirements by rescheduling.
Option 4: A and C
Option 5: All of the above

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