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Keith was born on January 18th. Mike was born on May 18th of the same year. How many months older is Keith ?

Option 1: 4 Months
Option 2: 4 Years
Option 3: 4 Days
Option 4: 4 Weeks
Option 5:

Fred was born on April 17, 1976 . How old will he be on hisbirthday in 2020 ?

Option 1: 44 Months
Option 2: 44 Days
Option 3: 44 Weeks
Option 4: 44 Years
Option 5:

Nancy will arrive at the hotel on December 9th, and will stay five nights.What date will Nancy check out of the hotel?

Option 1: December 13th
Option 2: December 14th
Option 3: December 15th
Option 4: December 16th
Option 5:

How many months, weeks, and days are there between June 13, 2017 and September 16, 2017 ?

Option 1: 1 Months and 1 Days
Option 2: 2 Months and 2 Days
Option 3: 4 Months and 4 Days
Option 4: 3 Months and 3 Days
Option 5:

The Hoffman's left on a one-week vacation on September 3rd. When did they return ?

Option 1: September 8th
Option 2: September 9th
Option 3: September 10th
Option 4: September 11th
Option 5:

Tims appointment with the dentist was on April 2nd. The dentist wants to see Tim in six months. In what month should Tim make an appointment ?

Option 1: September
Option 2: October
Option 3: November
Option 4: December 16th
Option 5:

Jason was two years old on February 6th. Jessica was two years old on February 23rd. How many days older is Jason ?

Option 1: 15 Days
Option 2: 16 Days
Option 3: 17 Days
Option 4: 18 Days
Option 5:

Many airlines make you purchase a ticket 14 days before our flight. If Mike is leaving on March 27th, on what day should he purchase his ticket ?

Option 1: March 10th
Option 2: March 11th
Option 3: March 12th
Option 4: March 13th
Option 5:

Sam was 22 years old on November 5, 1975. In what year was he born ?

Option 1: 1953
Option 2: 1954
Option 3: 1955
Option 4: 1956
Option 5:

Joan's vacation is from July 8th to July 27th. Tom's vacation starts on July 11th and lasts two weeks. Whose vacation is longer and by how many days ?

Option 1: Joans by 4 Days
Option 2: Joans by 5 Days
Option 3: Joans by 6 Days
Option 4: Joans by 7 Days
Option 5:

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