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Which is an output from Requirements Management and Communication?

Option 1: Requirements (approved).
Option 2: Requirements (specified).
Option 3: Requirements (documented).
Option 4: Requirements (elicited).
Option 5:

Communicating requirements helps to:

Option 1: Specify requirements.
Option 2: Bring stakeholders to a common understanding.
Option 3: Prioritize and progressively elaborate requirements.
Option 4: Helps stakeholders defme their real business need.
Option 5:

Which of the following does NOT describe a traceability relationship?

Option 1: Effort.
Option 2: Value.
Option 3: Necessity.
Option 4: Hierarchy.
Option 5:

In managing requirements traceability, the cover relationship describes:

Option 1: When the requirement is a decomposed outcome of another requirement.
Option 2: When the requirement is met by a test case.
Option 3: When the requirement fully includes the other requirement.
Option 4: When the requirements links to a lower-level requirement.
Option 5:

Which technique are you least likely to use when packaging requirements?

Option 1: Agile.
Option 2: Requirements documentation.
Option 3: Request for information (RFI).
Option 4: Request for proposal (RFP).
Option 5:

A coverage matrix is:

Option 1: A traceability relationship.
Option 2: A test plan describing the amount of testing that will be done to ensure a requirement is met.
Option 3: The approach taken to ensure requirements are verified and validated.
Option 4: A table or spreadsheet used to manage tracing.
Option 5:

Steven is writing several use cases and finds that 3 of the use cases he is writing share functionality. Steven notes that the base use case refers to the functionality present in another use case. This type of association between use cases is called

Option 1: Annotation
Option 2: Exclusion
Option 3: Inclusion
Option 4: Cross-reference
Option 5:

Maintaining requirements source, rationale, related requirements and where requirements interact with interfaces will help with

Option 1: Requirements traceability
Option 2: Identifying root causes of test failures
Option 3: Identifying alternate solutions
Option 4: Structuring the final requirements documentation
Option 5:

There are four inputs to the plan business analysis activities. Which one of the following is not an input to the plan business analysis activities process? A

Option 1: List of identified risks
Option 2: Organizational process assets
Option 3: Business analysis approach
Option 4: Stakeholder list, roles, and responsibilities 31
Option 5:

You are currently working on creating the activity list for an initiative in your organization. What characteristic must be assigned to each task in your task list? A

Option 1: Procurement needs
Option 2: Roles and responsibilities
Option 3: Unique number
Option 4: Owner
Option 5:

You are working with Jacob, a key stakeholder, in your business analysis duties. Jacob is asking you about the desired outcome for current business opportunity. Which one of the following is NOT an example of a desired outcome? A

Option 1: Implement new machinery to complete the work processes faster
Option 2: Increase sales
Option 3: Reduce costs
Option 4: Reduce time to deliver a product or service
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for your organization. You are identifying new opportunities to improve upon your existing web services. Management is open to new opportunities as long as the changes do not take more than 120 days to implement. What type of a factor does the 120 day implementation represent? A

Option 1: Technical constraint
Option 2: Schedule constraint
Option 3: Business constraint
Option 4: Assumption
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for your organization and are working on a solution that will connect several databases to a web application. You are concerned that the databases may not be operable with the software solution a programmer is recommending. What requirements elicitation technique can help you determine the interoperability of the software, the databases, and the web application? A

Option 1: Benchmarking
Option 2: Interviews
Option 3: Interface analysis
Option 4: Usage considerations
Option 5:

You have completed the requirements documentation and the stakeholders have signed off on the requirements. Now the requirements are advancing into a project as your organization has chartered a project based on the identified requirements. What stakeholder is now responsible for assessing the solution scope to determine the project scope? A

Option 1: User
Option 2: Project manager
Option 3: Business analyst
Option 4: Key stakeholders
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for your organization and are working on prioritizing requirements. What plan should guide you through this process? A

Option 1: Risk management plan
Option 2: Project management plan
Option 3: Requirements management plan
Option 4: Scope management plan
Option 5:

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