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What is a process?

Option 1: A system used in manufacturing
Option 2: A Six Sigma computer application
Option 3: Any repetitive action in a business environment
Option 4: The opposite of a concess
Option 5:

What is standard deviation?

Option 1: A measure of variation
Option 2: A normal perversion
Option 3: A behavioral aberration that is considered typical
Option 4: An acceptable modification of a process
Option 5:

What is the standard model for the Six Sigma methodology?

Option 1: BACI
Option 2: CIADF
Option 3: DPMO
Option 4: DMAIC
Option 5:

What is Y = f(X )?

Option 1: A quadrilateral equation
Option 2: The Six Sigma transfer function
Option 3: One variation of X = f(Y ) and Y = x(F)
Option 4: An algorithm for controlling DMAIC
Option 5:

All of the following are phases in the Six Sigma DMAIC model except

Option 1: Measure
Option 2: Continue
Option 3: Define
Option 4: Analyze
Option 5:

A black belt works on Six Sigma projects part-time.

Option 1: True
Option 2: False
Option 3: Only if you have part-time problems
Option 4: Both a and c
Option 5: Both b and c

What is the average annual savings per black belt?

Option 1: We dont measure it
Option 2: $10,000$20,000
Option 3: $40,000
Option 4: $175,000
Option 5: $600,000 and $1 million

Hard dollars are

Option 1: Money thats difficult to earn
Option 2: Savings that are tangible and quantifiable
Option 3: Silver coins
Option 4: U.S. currency in a global economy
Option 5:

What is a business metric?

Option 1: A measurement of the difference between the current state of a process and the future state
Option 2: Any characteristic that is critical to quality for customers
Option 3: A means of distinguishing between processes or steps that add value for customers and those that do not
Option 4: Any unit of measurement that provides a way to objectively quantify a process in terms of objectives
Option 5:

This is a technique by which an organization measures the performance of a process against similar best-in-class processes in other organizations, determines how those organizations achieve their performance levels, and uses the information to improve its process.

Option 1: Six Sigma
Option 2: Cause-and-effect diagram
Option 3: Benchmarking
Option 4: Gap analysis
Option 5:

A baseline is

Option 1: A Six Sigma synonym for the bottom line
Option 2: A standard for comparisons, the current performance of a process
Option 3: The lowest limit in a series of data points
Option 4: A synonym for gap analysis
Option 5:

If we know Y = f(X), then we know

Option 1: Key questions to ask
Option 2: The function of the problem
Option 3: That X is the dependent on Y
Option 4: That Y is a function of the Xs, which are independent
Option 5: None of the above

What is the concept of a dashboard?

Option 1: It shows what happened after the fact.
Option 2: It shows how to improve a metric.
Option 3: It shows the metrics of the business shown like that of a car.
Option 4: It shows the critical metrics to monitor.
Option 5: All the above

What does Six Sigma need for project selection?

Option 1: solution
Option 2: A low-level problem to start out
Option 3: No financial impact
Option 4: A problem, a process, a financial benefit, a goal, and a customer
Option 5: None of the above

What best describes a good project?

Option 1: Something that pleases the boss
Option 2: Nonbottleneck areas
Option 3: A reasonable goal
Option 4: Something that is quantifiable with a financial impact to the business
Option 5: One that has a solution

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