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The letter A is the ______ letter of the English alphabet.

Option 1: last
Option 2: first
Option 3: second
Option 4: third
Option 5:

The ______ woman has gray hair and many wrinkles. She was born many years ago.

Option 1: strong
Option 2: young
Option 3: old
Option 4: kind
Option 5:

Oranges and apples are ______. They are both ______.

Option 1: similar ¿ fruits
Option 2: special ¿ red
Option 3: identical ¿ different
Option 4: bad ¿ healthy
Option 5:

Jim ______ brings a hammer to work. He uses it every day.

Option 1: never
Option 2: always
Option 3: rarely
Option 4: sometimes
Option 5:

We were driving east, but we needed to go the opposite way. So we turned around and drove ______.

Option 1: west
Option 2: north
Option 3: left
Option 4: right
Option 5:

The ______ man is the only one who can lift the heavy rock.

Option 1: silly
Option 2: tall
Option 3: proud
Option 4: strong
Option 5:

Timothy is ______. He always gets good grades. He studies hard and always does his homework.

Option 1: smart
Option 2: funny
Option 3: tall
Option 4: popular
Option 5:

The animal looks ______. Tom has never seen one like it before.

Option 1: calm
Option 2: embarrassed
Option 3: strange
Option 4: disgusting
Option 5:

When the sun goes down, the sky gets ______.

Option 1: warm
Option 2: dark
Option 3: bright
Option 4: cloudy
Option 5:

While walking together at night, the children hear a loud noise and get ______. They run away in search of a place to hide.

Option 1: angry
Option 2: excited
Option 3: scared
Option 4: tired
Option 5:

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The question contains the simple to complex level difficulties so that student can improve the knowledge.

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