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The ______ man paid for my ticket.

Option 1: simple
Option 2: angry
Option 3: kind
Option 4: funny
Option 5:

I cannot sleep because my neighborhood is very ______.

Option 1: happy
Option 2: average
Option 3: fun
Option 4: noisy
Option 5:

After John washed his car, it looked very ______.

Option 1: dirty
Option 2: sweet
Option 3: old
Option 4: clean
Option 5:

Turtles and snails do not move quickly. They are both ______ animals.

Option 1: quick
Option 2: slow
Option 3: fast
Option 4: small
Option 5:

The library is a good place to ______ because it is very ______.

Option 1: study ¿ quiet
Option 2: eat ¿ hungry
Option 3: learn ¿ intelligent
Option 4: read ¿ open
Option 5:

I am ______ because I did well on my math test.

Option 1: upset
Option 2: rough
Option 3: happy
Option 4: sad
Option 5:

Paul and Marcus are ______. They have the same mother.

Option 1: women
Option 2: friends
Option 3: students
Option 4: brothers
Option 5:

The air is very ______, and there is ______ ice on the road.

Option 1: warm ¿ a large amount of
Option 2: cool ¿ many
Option 3: cold ¿ a lot of
Option 4: hot ¿ much
Option 5:

I always arrive to class twenty minutes ______ so that I have time to prepare.

Option 1: late
Option 2: early
Option 3: old
Option 4: after
Option 5:

The ______ shirt is too ______.

Option 1: big ¿ crazy
Option 2: large ¿ big
Option 3: heavy ¿ small
Option 4: wet ¿ rainy
Option 5:

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