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Ash tried to move the large rock that was blocking the road, but it wouldn¿t ______.

Option 1: budge
Option 2: rotate
Option 3: dodge
Option 4: evade
Option 5: wander

Though the thief ______ the evidence in the woods, it was ______ by the police, who were able to link the evidence to the criminal.

Option 1: disguised ¿ removed
Option 2: hid ¿ camouflaged
Option 3: buried ¿ excavated
Option 4: concealed ¿ harmed
Option 5: exposed ¿ sheltered

Educated people have ______ when applying for jobs; they are more likely to be hired.

Option 1: a challenge
Option 2: a prejudice
Option 3: an advantage
Option 4: a handicap
Option 5: a talent

The dentist told me there were ______ reasons to brush my teeth, but I can only think of one.

Option 1: magnificent
Option 2: few
Option 3: numerous
Option 4: insufficient
Option 5: important

Small cars are ______ for large families; they don¿t have enough seating or space to be useful.

Option 1: successful
Option 2: profitable
Option 3: impractical
Option 4: inactive
Option 5: damaging

Chris and Mackenzie were both ______, so they decided to purchase ______ to share.

Option 1: thirsty ¿ a beverage
Option 2: hungry ¿ a soda
Option 3: exhausted ¿ a meal
Option 4: starving ¿ medicine
Option 5: confused ¿ a snack

Martin is not old enough to vote, live alone, or even drive, since he is still ______.

Option 1: an employee
Option 2: a minor
Option 3: an heir
Option 4: a male
Option 5: an adult

The classroom seems ______ today, because all of the desks are in an unusual arrangement and everything feels mysterious.

Option 1: commonplace
Option 2: luxurious
Option 3: miniature
Option 4: peculiar
Option 5: ordinary

People always say that I look just like my mother, but I think I ______ my father.

Option 1: resemble
Option 2: imitate
Option 3: match
Option 4: compare to
Option 5: duplicate

Claudio¿s parents don¿t speak English, so he has to ______ his teacher¿s letters from English to Spanish so they can read them.

Option 1: fabricate
Option 2: originate
Option 3: divide
Option 4: translate
Option 5: digest

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