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This spinach omelet makes for ______ breakfast; it has the vegetables and protein needed for a healthy diet.

Option 1: a delicious
Option 2: a filling
Option 3: a fortunate
Option 4: an edible
Option 5: a nutritious

Jerry¿s grandfather¿s house is full of ______ technology such as rotary-dial phones and other devices that are no longer in use.

Option 1: prehistoric
Option 2: obsolete
Option 3: current
Option 4: broken
Option 5: advanced

My younger brother constantly misbehaves and is always causing ______.

Option 1: hostility
Option 2: generosity
Option 3: violence
Option 4: courtesy
Option 5: mischief

The teacher only has one copy of the worksheet right now, so she is going to ______ it and give the new copy to her student.

Option 1: translate
Option 2: multiply
Option 3: duplicate
Option 4: plagiarize
Option 5: expand

My neighbor wears a mask when he is outdoors because he doesn¿t want to ______ the pollution in the air.

Option 1: consume
Option 2: overcome
Option 3: infect
Option 4: inhale
Option 5: provoke

Almost no one actually believes that the god Zeus lives on top of Mount Olympus; most people understand that this is just a ______, not a reality.

Option 1: poem
Option 2: lyric
Option 3: myth
Option 4: sonnet
Option 5: counterfeit

The carpenter ant is ______ critter and is not at all ______.

Option 1: an immense ¿ gigantic
Option 2: an industrious ¿ lazy
Option 3: a stupid ¿ ignorant
Option 4: an active ¿ energetic
Option 5: a tireless ¿ hardworking

The attorney suggested that the witness s testimony was ______ because the witness was a known liar.

Option 1: sincere
Option 2: amazing
Option 3: insane
Option 4: unreliable
Option 5: innocent

The governor thinks the tax is a good one and would like to see it continue, but his opponent wants to ______ it.

Option 1: abolish
Option 2: amend
Option 3: modify
Option 4: enact
Option 5: employ

Montero was ______ about the upcoming investigation, and he was only made more ______ by the newspaper accounts of it.

Option 1: upset ¿ easygoing
Option 2: angry ¿ frightened
Option 3: relaxed ¿ stressed
Option 4: anxious ¿ nervous
Option 5: aggressive ¿ calm

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