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At first my parents did not allow me to ever play video games after school, but now they ______ it sometimes.

Option 1: encourage
Option 2: ban
Option 3: permit
Option 4: expect
Option 5:

When you need ______ count, it is not okay to estimate.

Option 1: an accurate
Option 2: a guessed
Option 3: a gigantic
Option 4: a truthful
Option 5:

Alexis was excited to begin her new job, and we were impressed by how ______ she was.

Option 1: entertained
Option 2: eager
Option 3: experienced
Option 4: essential
Option 5:

The actor always wore a mask and ______ his face, so it was exciting to see what he looked like when he finally ______ himself.

Option 1: decorated ¿ cleansed
Option 2: covered ¿ concealed
Option 3: exposed ¿ disguised
Option 4: hid ¿ revealed
Option 5:

Unlike hippos, which I find ugly, flamingoes are ______.

Option 1: interesting
Option 2: graceful
Option 3: awful
Option 4: attractive
Option 5:

Before I knew the rules, the game seemed ______, but now it seems so ______.

Option 1: straightforward ¿ easy
Option 2: complex ¿ bizarre
Option 3: fun ¿ thrilling
Option 4: complicated ¿ simple
Option 5:

In order to ______ her weight, Bernice decided to go on a diet.

Option 1: reduce
Option 2: expand
Option 3: release
Option 4: extend
Option 5:

In order to ______ the project, we need to finish all of the tasks it includes.

Option 1: complete
Option 2: delay
Option 3: prevent
Option 4: assist
Option 5:

The coach just wanted Sara to ______ the new technique, so she was upset when Sara refused to ______ it.

Option 1: explain ¿ learn
Option 2: perform ¿ enjoy
Option 3: try ¿ attempt
Option 4: examine ¿ understand
Option 5:

The book¿s ______ was shocking, since I never thought the book would end with a major death.

Option 1: beginning
Option 2: conclusion
Option 3: impression
Option 4: section
Option 5:

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