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Unlike the actual building, which was quite sturdy, Cam¿s model of the building was ______.

Option 1: plastic
Option 2: stable
Option 3: false
Option 4: fragile
Option 5:

The gymnast was very ______, but her younger sister was completely ______.

Option 1: heavy ¿ weighty
Option 2: hollow ¿ skinny
Option 3: flexible ¿ rigid
Option 4: soft ¿ crafty
Option 5:

The road is ______, so cars that drive it are constantly turning and swerving.

Option 1: flat
Option 2: curvy
Option 3: weird
Option 4: peaceful
Option 5:

Jackie is full of ______ and believes she can achieve almost any goal she sets for herself.

Option 1: confidence
Option 2: courage
Option 3: concern
Option 4: comfort
Option 5:

The animal shelter had a ______ of kittens to choose from, and it was difficult to choose between the calico, the white cat, the Persian, and the Siamese.

Option 1: variety
Option 2: lack
Option 3: supply
Option 4: team
Option 5:

Although the message was meant to be ______, I don¿t mind if you tell it to your friends.

Option 1: special
Option 2: secret
Option 3: permanent
Option 4: educational
Option 5:

My mother gets seasick, so it shouldn¿t surprise anyone that she got ______ on my uncle¿s boat.

Option 1: queasy
Option 2: healthy
Option 3: tired
Option 4: energetic
Option 5:

While none of the critics ______ the film, almost everyone I know who saw it absolutely ______ it.

Option 1: liked ¿ hated
Option 2: respected ¿ disliked
Option 3: saw ¿ avoided
Option 4: enjoyed ¿ loved
Option 5:

The town decided to make the fair ______ occurrence, meaning it will take place every year.

Option 1: an apparent
Option 2: a common
Option 3: a weekly
Option 4: an annual
Option 5:

While Johnny is not ______, he is not necessarily ______, either.

Option 1: hungry ¿ tired
Option 2: tall ¿ short
Option 3: smart ¿ intelligent
Option 4: fat ¿ thick
Option 5:

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