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Despite his growing wealth and power, Teddy remains ______ man.

Option 1: a humble
Option 2: an irritable
Option 3: a greedy
Option 4: an intelligent
Option 5:

Because Mary is so ______, she is ______.

Option 1: friendly ¿ despised
Option 2: unpleasant ¿ unpopular
Option 3: generous ¿ wealthy
Option 4: strange ¿ fortunate
Option 5:

Some snakes are very ______, so you should take caution if you see one.

Option 1: dangerous
Option 2: slippery
Option 3: careful
Option 4: favorable
Option 5:

Donald was not ______ and had to go to the doctor so that he wouldn¿t be ______ anymore.

Option 1: tall ¿ smooth
Option 2: beautiful ¿ pretty
Option 3: healthy ¿ sick
Option 4: rich ¿ poor
Option 5:

Even though I knew the rock weighed a lot, it was still ______ than I thought I would be.

Option 1: lighter
Option 2: larger
Option 3: heavier
Option 4: sharper
Option 5:

Billy cannot play the piano very well, since he ______ practices.

Option 1: sometimes
Option 2: usually
Option 3: always
Option 4: never
Option 5:

I cannot ______ the price of a ticket, so I cannot see the movie.

Option 1: buy
Option 2: save
Option 3: donate
Option 4: afford
Option 5:

Although the desert gets very hot during the day, it is very ______ at night.

Option 1: dry
Option 2: humid
Option 3: cold
Option 4: lonely
Option 5:

Jared placed the plant ______ the other two plants, so that it was in the middle.

Option 1: between
Option 2: over
Option 3: through
Option 4: outside
Option 5:

Though cats are known for being unfriendly, most of the cats I know are ______ and ______.

Option 1: lovely ¿ ugly
Option 2: skillful ¿ furry
Option 3: strong ¿ athletic
Option 4: kind ¿ gentle
Option 5:

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