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Kristin is working as a project manager for a City public utilities improvement project. Since this project involves many stakeholders from inside and outside of the project, she is in the process of developing a strategy to identify all stakeholders. Which of the following is the BEST strategy to identify all stakeholders?

Option 1: Identifying all stakeholders using a stakeholder analysis matrix
Option 2: Identifying key stakeholders first and interviewing them to expand the list until all stakeholders are identified
Option 3: Identifying all stakeholders using a stakeholder register
Option 4: None of the above
Option 5:

You are 8 months into a project and you have been given a new resource due to an employee resigning. After a couple weeks on the job, the new resource indicates it isn't clear to him what exactly he should be accomplishing. While this is disturbing to you as the PM, you decide to give him a document that contains detailed descriptions of work packages. What document did you give him?

Option 1: Project Scope Management Plan
Option 2: Activity List
Option 3: WBS Dictionary
Option 4: Project Charter
Option 5:

A management control point where scope, budget, actual cost and schedule are integrated and compared to earned value for performance measurement is called a:

Option 1: Code of accounts
Option 2: Control packages
Option 3: Control account
Option 4: Account Plan
Option 5:

Which of the following best describes the Verify Scope process?

Option 1: Verifying that the project quality requirements have been met
Option 2: Controlling changes to the scope of the project
Option 3: Obtaining stake holders' formal acceptance of the project deliverables
Option 4: Verifying that all of the project's objectives have been met
Option 5:

A project manager is just finishing a project that has not gone well. Apart from cost overruns and schedule overruns, there have been a lot of quality defects and the project required a lot of senior management intervention to finally reach completion. The project manager should now:

Option 1: Focus on closing the project and moving on to the next one. Lessons learned is not applicable to this project since it has done badly
Option 2: Focus on presenting the data in positive light while ensuring that the reasons for the delays and problems are appropriately documented.
Option 3: Mask bad data and only present good data since his performance appraisal will otherwise be impacted.
Option 4: Document lessons learned from the project and update the lessons learned knowledge database.
Option 5:

You are working as a project manager for a wind powered vehicle manufacturing project, which is in its planning phase. You carefully gathered all your requirements from your key stakeholders and prepared a system requirements specification and project requirements specification documents. While presenting your documents to the project team, a project team member who is very enthusiastic about the project started talking about the duration estimates for each activity. Which of the following statements indicate your response to your team member?

Option 1: WBS creation and Schedule development must be done after estimating durations
Option 2: Schedule development and Costs estimation must be done before estimating durations
Option 3: Scope definition, WBS creation, Quality planning, and Communication planning must be done before estimating durations
Option 4: Scope definition, WBS creation, Activity definition, and Activity sequencing must be done before estimating durations
Option 5:

The project charter defines the overall scope and objectives of a project. Considering different inputs to the project charter, which of the following is NOT a correct statement?

Option 1: Government or industry standards cannot be used as an input to develop a project charter
Option 2: The description of the product to be delivered is an input to the develop project charter process
Option 3: Organizational process assets are input to the develop project charter process
Option 4: When projects are executed for external customers, a contract is used as an input to the charter
Option 5:

All of the following are characteristics of a project, EXCEPT:

Option 1: Has a definite beginning and end
Option 2: Temporary
Option 3: Progressively elaborated
Option 4: Ongoing Effort
Option 5:

Rick has just been assigned as the project manager of a project to develop a complex product. The project is in the Define Scope phase. Which of these tools / techniques will not be used by Rick in this phase?

Option 1: Lateral thinking
Option 2: Process analysis
Option 3: Pair wise comparisons
Option 4: Value engineering
Option 5:

During the course of the project, the project management team developed a forecast for the estimate at completion (EAC) based on the project performance. Which of the following statements about EAC is correct?

Option 1: Any of the above three approaches can be correct for any given project.
Option 2: The EAC forecast is best estimated using the estimate to complete (ETC) work performed considering both SPI and CPI factors.
Option 3: The EAC forecast is best estimated using the estimate to complete (ETC) work performed at the present CPI.
Option 4: The EAC forecast is best estimated using the estimate to complete (ETC) work performed at the budgeted rate.
Option 5:

In an underground highway construction project, stakeholders have suggested many changes to the project scope. As you already defined the cost baseline in your project, you would like to revisit the baseline to see how these changes impact the overall cost of the project. So, you have started doing impact analysis to determine the impact and inform concerned stakeholders of all approved changes and corresponding costs. You must use the following to carry out such process:

Option 1: Scope control process
Option 2: Configuration control process
Option 3: Control costs process
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5:

The key difference between Verify Scope and Perform Quality Control is:

Option 1: Verify Scope is concerned with meeting the quality standards specified.
Option 2: Verify Scope is concerned with the acceptance of deliverables.
Option 3: Verify Scope does not apply in projects that have been cancelled.
Option 4: Verify Scope can never be performed in parallel with quality control.
Option 5:

Fill in the blank: ______________ includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully.

Option 1: Statement of Work
Option 2: Project Time Management
Option 3: Project Scope Management
Option 4: Work breakdown structure
Option 5:

Projects are often started as a result of an external factor such as market demand for a new product, a new legislative or regulatory mandate, or a change in technology. This results in the creation of ______ by an entity or organization external to the project organization.

Option 1: the project charter
Option 2: the project scope
Option 3: the project budget.
Option 4: the project kickoff
Option 5:

You have run away and joined the carnival as a project manager and are in charge of constructing the Ferris wheel in each town the carnival visits. However, this is something you have never done before and you are getting different opinions from others on how long it takes. Joe, is new and has given you what you believe to be an optimistic estimate of 3 hours, Bill says it will take 10 hours, which seems too long to you and quite pessimistic. Lastly, Margie, who is the most experienced at this task is telling you it will take 8 hours. You are not sure who to believe, so you decide to do a PERT estimation, based on this you have determined it will take how many hours to assemble the Ferris wheel.

Option 1: 5 hours
Option 2: 8 hours
Option 3: 21 hours
Option 4: 7 hours
Option 5:

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