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You are the project manager for Fast Cars Inc. and you and your team members are using facilitated workshops as part of the Collect Requirements phase to define product requirements. Which other process also uses this technique?

Option 1: Develop Scope
Option 2: Develop Project Charter
Option 3: Define Scope
Option 4: Create WBS
Option 5:

Gary is a project manager wrapping up the construction of a new office building. He creates several documents during this process. Which of the following are documents that he could create for the Close Procurements process?

Option 1: Lessons learned documentation
Option 2: Formal written notice of acceptance of deliverables
Option 3: Closed contracts
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5:

A project manager is addressing stakeholder concerns that have not become issues yet, and is also trying to anticipate future problems. Which process group is this likely be to done in?

Option 1: Distribute Information
Option 2: Identify Stakeholders
Option 3: Plan Communications
Option 4: Manage Stakeholder Expectations
Option 5:

Which of the following may not be considered an attribute of a project?

Option 1: Repetitive elements may be present in some project deliverables.
Option 2: The impact of a project usually ends when the project ends.
Option 3: A project can involve a single person.
Option 4: There is uncertainty about the product that the project creates.
Option 5:

The quality cost of a project went up significantly during the course of a project. A post-mortem analysis of the increased cost revealed that this was due to poorly defined acceptance criteria. During which phase should the acceptance criteria have been properly captured?

Option 1: Develop Project Charter phase
Option 2: Define Scope phase
Option 3: Manage Stakeholder Expectations phase
Option 4: Plan Quality phase
Option 5:

How can changes be made to a project management plan once it has been baselined by the project manager?

Option 1: By generating a change request and having it approved through the Perform Integrated Change Control process.
Option 2: This is typically done by using a version control system. The project manager creates a new version with the changes and baselines it as the new baseline.
Option 3: This is done by maintaining a revision history or log. The project manager documents the changes in detail and then baselines it.
Option 4: A project management plan cannot be changed once it has been baselined. An addendum has to be created to incorporate the changes.
Option 5:

On obtaining the project charter, the project manager of a project immediately put together the project team to execute the project. Is this correct?

Option 1: Yes. Acquisition of the project tam is primarily an Initiating Process Group activity.
Option 2: Yes. The project manager needs to get the team together as soon as the project starts.
Option 3: No. It is the responsibility of the Project sponsor to provide the team for execution.
Option 4: No. Acquisition of the project team is primarily an Executing Process Group activity.
Option 5:

The project manager of a software development team for a new credit card product is given a deadline of November 15th to release a new product targeted at Christmas sales. This is an example of:

Option 1: A Critical success factor
Option 2: A Deadline
Option 3: Project constraints
Option 4: Project scheduling
Option 5:

Which of these statement correctly links project and product life cycles?

Option 1: A product life cycle is generally contained within a project life cycle.
Option 2: A project life cycle is generally contained within a product life cycle.
Option 3: A product life cycle is the same as a project life cycle.
Option 4: The last life cycle for a project is generally the product's retirement.
Option 5:

On a control chart, a source of variation that is not inherent in the system, is not predictable and is intermittent is called a:

Option 1: Normal Cause
Option 2: Specific Cause
Option 3: Common Cause
Option 4: Special Cause
Option 5:

You are just starting on a project as project manager. The project sponsor indicates to you that she would like to have a monthly Project Status meeting to review the progress of the project. She would also like to receive weekly status updates by email. These requirements are documented in the:

Option 1: Scope statement
Option 2: Communications management plan
Option 3: Project charter
Option 4: Organizational plan
Option 5:

Most organizations treat contract administration as an administrative function separate from the project organization. Who carries out the function of contract administration in a project?

Option 1: The project manager
Option 2: The Procurement advisor
Option 3: The Procurement administrator
Option 4: The Contract advisor
Option 5:

You have been assigned a project where you are responsible for building a condo complex in a resort town. The project is expected to take 2 years to complete. During your work breakdown structure meeting you have decomposed many deliverables into work packages and schedule activities, however there are some work packages that will be occurring a year from now, so you have elected not to decompose those deliverables and work packages at this time. This is an example of what tool and/or technique?

Option 1: Project Scope Evolution
Option 2: Delayed Planning
Option 3: Rolling Wave Planning
Option 4: Time Delayed Decomposition
Option 5:

Accepted deliverables are an input to the Close Project or Phase process. These deliverables would have been accepted through which of the following processes?

Option 1: Verify Scope
Option 2: Perform Quality Control
Option 3: Accept Scope
Option 4: Perform Quality Assurance
Option 5:

Which of the following is not accurate about the initial phase of a project?

Option 1: The highest uncertainty is at this stage of the project
Option 2: The cost associated at the beginning of the project is highest
Option 3: Stake holders have maximum influence during this phase
Option 4: None of these statements are accurate
Option 5:

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