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Erica is working for a kitchen tools manufacturing project, which is intended to make modern cooking ovens. This project is very important for the company as well as for Erica's career. Although, the project scope statement was defined very well and requirements were gathered from stakeholders in the planning phase, many design change requests have come in from customers during project execution. Which of the following tasks Erica must perform to avoid scope creep caused by uncontrollable changes?

Option 1: Perform verify scope process and process all changes through the plan risk responses process
Option 2: Perform integrated change control process and process all changes through the perform quality control process
Option 3: Perform scope control and process all changes through the integrated change control process
Option 4: Perform scope control and process all changes through the verify scope process
Option 5:

Projects, portfolios and programs are different entities in an organization. Which of the following choices states a correct relationship between them?

Option 1: A portfolio consists of a collection of projects or programs that are grouped together to achieve strategic business objectives. The projects or programs need not be directly related.
Option 2: A project is a collection of programs and portfolios that are grouped together to achieve the project objectives.
Option 3: A program consists of a collection of projects or portfolios that are grouped together to achieve strategic business objectives.
Option 4: A program is a collection of projects that are grouped together for convenience. It may include unrelated work if the work is under the same business division.
Option 5:

What term defines the work needed to complete a product, service, or result?

Option 1: Product scope
Option 2: Scope baseline
Option 3: Scope verification
Option 4: Project scope
Option 5:

During a weekly status meeting a team member suggests adding a component to the project . As the project manager, you indicate that all focus should be put on the current scope and don't worry about any enhancements. This is an example of?

Option 1: Gold plating
Option 2: Scope verification
Option 3: Scope management
Option 4: Change control
Option 5:

You are planning a storage device migration in a data center. During this phase of the project, who should be controlling the project?

Option 1: Project manager
Option 2: SME's
Option 3: Sponsor
Option 4: Management
Option 5:

All of the following are components of an effective change control system, EXCEPT:

Option 1: Lessons Learned
Option 2: Standard Reports
Option 3: Procedures
Option 4: Meetings
Option 5:

Product scope is measured against the product requirements whereas project scope is measured against:

Option 1: The project charter, the project scope statement and the WBS.
Option 2: The project management plan, the project scope statement and its associated WBS and WBS dictionary
Option 3: The project requirements and WBS.
Option 4: The acceptance criteria
Option 5:

You are managing a highly complex drug manufacturing project and your sponsor is highly motivated and influential. You are optimistic about the outcome of the project, however, you are not sure about the project approval requirements that measure the success of the project. So, you would like to document the name of the person who signs off the project and the criteria that constitutes the success of the project. Which of the following documents should you use to incorporate project approval requirements?

Option 1: The scope document
Option 2: The project charter
Option 3: The approval requirement plan
Option 4: The project management plan
Option 5:

You are working in a matrix project environment where functional managers have control over the resources. You are well aware that not acquiring the project team timely for a project will result in changes to the schedule, cost, and quality. So, to acquire the project team from functional managers the best technique you should use is:

Option 1: Pre-assignment
Option 2: Virtual teams
Option 3: Negotiations
Option 4: None of the above
Option 5:

Lesley is managing a software development project for the World Climate Control Organization. Since her team members are dispersed across the globe, she would like to set up online conferences in next two months to let everyone in her project know what is going on and what their role is within the project. She wants to use these conferences as team development activities to learn and exchange information in the project. To schedule such activities, which of the following should she use to know the availability of team members?

Option 1: Project charter
Option 2: Resource calendars
Option 3: Responsibility assignment matrix
Option 4: Project staff assignments
Option 5:

It was found that there were a large number of hidden requirements to be uncovered in the Collect Requirements phase. Which of the following tools should a project manager use to identify them?

Option 1: Participant observer
Option 2: Survey
Option 3: Prototypes
Option 4: Affinity diagram
Option 5:

Stakeholder identification is a continuous process. Which of the following statements about stakeholders is incorrect?

Option 1: Positive stakeholders benefit from the outcome of a project
Option 2: A project manager needs to focus on the positive stakeholders since their needs are best served by the project
Option 3: Overlooking negative stakeholders can result in an increased likelihood of failure
Option 4: Stakeholders can have conflicting or differing objectives
Option 5:

Which of the following is not an enterprise environmental factor influencing the Develop Project Management Plan process?

Option 1: Industry standards
Option 2: Hiring and firing guidelines
Option 3: Work performance information
Option 4: Employee performance review
Option 5:

Which of the following choices is unlikely to be considered a project?

Option 1: A project that creates a capability to perform a service.
Option 2: A project involving publishing of 1 million copies of a book.
Option 3: A project involving one person.
Option 4: A project that involves different contractors.
Option 5:

Which of the following statements about products and projects is true?

Option 1: Adding new functionality to an existing product cannot be considered as a project.
Option 2: A product life cycle is usually contained within a project life cycle.
Option 3: One product may have many projects associated with it.
Option 4: The product life cycle usually consists of non-sequential phases whereas the project life cycle consists of sequential phases.
Option 5:

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