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Which type of cost estimate is based on the WBS?

Option 1: Top-down
Option 2: Parametric
Option 3: Rolling
Option 4: Bottom-up
Option 5: Analogous

You were in a meeting where a team member made a suggestion on metrics-gathering that would make more sense for the success of the project. The manager (a fellow PMP) implemented the suggestion, and it made dramatic positive impact on the project. The manager took credit for this idea, and received an award (unknown to the team member) for coming up with the idea. What should you do?

Option 1: Support the manager
Option 2: Report the manager to his boss
Option 3: Try to persuade the manager to share the credit with the team member who suggested it
Option 4: Let the team member know what his boss has done
Option 5:

Earned Value is:

Option 1: The amount of future value of a present investment
Option 2: The actual hours worked on the project multiplied by the budgeted labor rate
Option 3: A component of the initial feasibility study
Option 4: BCWS ? ACWP
Option 5: Budgeted value of work actually accomplished

Which is a basis for a definition of the user's needs?

Option 1: Work breakdown structure
Option 2: Functional requirements
Option 3: Project cost estimate
Option 4: Selection of personnel
Option 5: Termination decision

The scope statement provides:

Option 1: A basis for future decisions about the project
Option 2: A baseline to accomplish verification measures
Option 3: A baseline to evaluate potential scope changes
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5: B and C only

The use of progress reports:

Option 1: Are not necessary on small projects
Option 2: Provides a means whereby various levels of authority can judge project performance
Option 3: Provides insight into project problem areas and the effectiveness of the control system
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5: B and C only

The Project Charter:

Option 1: Expresses upper management commitment to the project
Option 2: Provides the authority by which the project may proceed
Option 3: Establishes the organizational structure within which the project will operate
Option 4: Specifies the overall objectives and time frames of the project
Option 5: All of the above

The Delphi technique can be used for information forecasting. The chief characteristic of this technique is that it employs:

Option 1: Simulation models
Option 2: Extrapolation from historical data
Option 3: Intuitive expert opinion
Option 4: Linear programming algorithms
Option 5: The analytical hierarchy process

In general, if a division's activities are focused on the achievement of a single major project, what is the best way for it to structure its operations?

Option 1: Matrix structure
Option 2: Functional structure
Option 3: Projectized structure
Option 4: Egoless structure
Option 5: Self-directed team structure

The process of establishing clear and achievable objectives, measuring their achievement, and adjusting performance in accordance with the results of the measurement is called:

Option 1: Strategic planning
Option 2: Alternative objectives inventory
Option 3: Management by objectives
Option 4: Contingency planning
Option 5: Goal Setting

By whom are the project plans generally developed?

Option 1: The project General Manager
Option 2: The Director of Projects
Option 3: The project team
Option 4: The marketing department
Option 5: The engineering department

Configuration management is:

Option 1: A means of monitoring and controlling emerging project scope against the scope baseline.
Option 2: The production of a scope structure
Option 3: The creation of the work breakdown structure
Option 4: The set of procedures developed to assure that project design criteria are met.
Option 5: A mechanism to track budget and schedule variances

Which is not an important function of the kick-off meeting?

Option 1: To identify project goals
Option 2: To introduce the players
Option 3: To present the project charter
Option 4: To present the detailed plan
Option 5: To get team buy-in

The project ________ prescribes the guidelines within which a project is organized, administered, and managed for the timely accomplishment of the project objectives.

Option 1: charter
Option 2: master schedule
Option 3: budget plan
Option 4: management plan
Option 5: directive system

The work breakdown structure is a task-oriented "family tree" of activities that provides the basis for developing the ____.

Option 1: document control
Option 2: procurement/acquisition control
Option 3: personnel hiring control
Option 4: specification control
Option 5: design control

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