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You are in charge of developing a new product for a bank. Your quality metrics are based on the 80th percentile of each of the last three products developed, This is an example of:

Option 1: Statistical sampling
Option 2: Metrics
Option 3: Benchmarking
Option 4: Operational definitions
Option 5:

The project manager identifies a potential problem with the schedule in that many of the supervisors are not starting work on schedule, but are waiting until all the float (slack) is consumed on an activity before starting. In a few cases, this practice is ?pushing? following activities out and absorbing the float downstream. The project manager directs that this practice stop and to ensure compliance _________.

Option 1: ?Freezes? the start of all activities to identify when supervisors initiate late starts.
Option 2: ?Freezes? the endpoint of all activities to identify when supervisors initiate late starts
Option 3: Converts the schedule to a ?fixed? activity network so the supervisors have only a given time frame to complete activities.
Option 4: Informs the supervisors that any delays in the scheduled activities will result in dismissal of the responsible supervisor.
Option 5: Dismisses the most frequent abuser of the scheduling system as an example of the action that will be taken against supervisors for irregular practices.

When costs increase because of changes in the scope of work, the project is experiencing?

Option 1: Accelerated costs
Option 2: Cost Growth
Option 3: Cost Escalation
Option 4: Cost overrun
Option 5: b and d

The practice of ceasing mass inspections and ending awards based on price is credited to:

Option 1: Edward Deming
Option 2: Philip Crosby
Option 3: Juran
Option 4: Pareto
Option 5:

Scope planning is:

Option 1: Developing a comprehensive plan based on input from major stakeholders.
Option 2: Developing a written scope statement as the basis for future project decisions.
Option 3: The process, which provides information for planning project milestones.
Option 4: Subdividing the project into smaller, more manageable components.
Option 5:

Completion of the _____________ scope is measured against the plan.

Option 1: Project
Option 2: Technical
Option 3: Product
Option 4: Baseline
Option 5:

Project initiation is all of the following except:

Option 1: A process of formally recognizing that a new project exists.
Option 2: A process of formally recognizing that an existing project should continue into its next phase.
Option 3: It links the project to the ongoing work of the performing organization.
Option 4: Its inputs are product description, strategic plan, constraints, and assumptions
Option 5:

Decision models used in project initiation include:

Option 1: Comparative approaches and scoring models
Option 2: Koenig analysis
Option 3: Sales projections
Option 4: Iterative risk sensitivity analysis
Option 5:

A work breakdown structure is a:

Option 1: Result of the scope planning process
Option 2: Deliverable oriented grouping of project elements that organizes and defines the total scope of the project
Option 3: Structure that can be used to track the project's time, cost, and quality performance against a defined baseline
Option 4: Valuable communications tool, but cannot be used to establish the number of required networks for cost control.
Option 5:

The items at the lowest level of the WBS are called

Option 1: Code of accounts
Option 2: Subtasks
Option 3: Work packages
Option 4: Nodes
Option 5:

All of the following statements about the project charter are correct except:

Option 1: It is often an internal legal document
Option 2: It identifies the project manager's authority and responsibility
Option 3: It identifies management and/or customer approved scope of the project
Option 4: It usually does not identify cost and time estimates
Option 5:

Maintenance should:

Option 1: Be considered part of the project life cycle because it is part of the total life cycle costing needed to do benefit/cost analysis in scope planning
Option 2: Should be part of the work breakdown structure to give the total scope of the required activities and effort
Option 3: Not be considered as a part of the project life cycle
Option 4: Be managed carefully because it is often a source of scope creep
Option 5:

Projects are typically authorized as a result of any of the following except

Option 1: Market demand
Option 2: Successful RFP bidding
Option 3: Regulatory requirement
Option 4: Technological advance
Option 5:

A scope change control system

Option 1: Defines the procedures by which the project scope may be changed.
Option 2: Is an information management system to support identifying, documenting, and managing project scope changes.
Option 3: Is a system of discipline to effectively control change within the scope of a project.
Option 4: Is a tool for the project manager to justify budget changes
Option 5:

The major project scope management processes include:

Option 1: Change order control
Option 2: Initiation
Option 3: Program evaluation
Option 4: Scope validation
Option 5:

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