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The rice dish `paella? comes from what country?

Option 1: Australia
Option 2: France
Option 3: Spain
Option 4: Jamaica
Option 5:

Deer meat is known by what name?

Option 1: Mutton
Option 2: Chicken
Option 3: Venison
Option 4: Nica
Option 5:

Are humans omnive, herbive carnive?

Option 1: Herbive
Option 2: carnive
Option 3: Omnive
Option 4: Enove
Option 5:

What food is used as the base of guacamole?

Option 1: ange
Option 2: Apple
Option 3: Avocado
Option 4: Banana
Option 5:

The range of vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, grains, herbs spices used in cooking are known as what?

Option 1: Items
Option 2: tastes
Option 3: Ingredients
Option 4: foods
Option 5:

True false? India is the wld?s largest producer of bananas.

Option 1: TRUE
Option 2: FALSE
Option 3:
Option 4:
Option 5:

What is the sweet substance made by bees?

Option 1: Sugar
Option 2: Milkshake
Option 3: Honey
Option 4: Sugarstone
Option 5:

Lures, reels, rods, hooks, baits nets are common equipment used in what food gathering method?

Option 1: Skying
Option 2: Driving
Option 3: Fishing
Option 4: Playing
Option 5:

True false? McDonalds has restaurants in over 100 countries around the wld.

Option 1: TRUE
Option 2: FALSE
Option 3:
Option 4:
Option 5:

The `Pizza Hut? franchise began in what country?

Option 1: Canada
Option 2: Brazil
Option 3: USA
Option 4: France
Option 5:

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